09 February 2011

Making Milagros

I have always been drawn to contemporary milagros, the kind used in decor.  I am a lover of mixed media too - paper, fabric, metal, wood, paint, ink, etc.   That whole folky genre of art makes me smile! 

Last year was my first attempt at making a milagro. 


But this was before I understood it's roots.  Now you are probably wondering as well - what is a milagro, what is it's origin?  Milagro means "miracle" and once upon a time milagros represented wishes.  In catholicism people would wear milagros to present their needs or the needs of those they loved to the saints.  If it was a healing wish, perhaps for a hurt arm, they might wear a silver arm charm on a necklace.

Today the creation of milagros has morphed into the use of mixed media, among other things.  Below are some fabulous examples.

By Teresa McFayden:

And by Heather Bullard:


Here are some other goodies I have made or picked up that remind me of milagros.

A mosaic I made last year:


This fun accent I bought for my office/design room from Hobby Lobby:

I am so excited because I've got some friends coming over tomorrow night for a milagros party. I suppose that it is because of the popular symbol of the heart that I see in many of these gorgeous renditions that I associate milagros with Valentine's Day. Plus, Valentine was a saint. So it is fitting in my mind to include milagro making into my V-Day festivities.:)

We'll also be decorating sugar cookies and writing love notes (ooh la la) to our hubbies.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and share with you after the weekend!

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Chris said...

Ok, I've never heard of milagros before...is it a Texas thing?

Lei said...

Not that I know of! But maybe I am just a sheltered TX gal. ;)

Susan @ myhomeroad.blogspot.com said...

Hi, Found you from Brown Paper Packages... great basket tip. I like your site. Have a good day!