22 October 2009

spooky banner tutorial


Last weekend my friends Tannie, Esther and I went to check out a relatively new housing development. Craftsman inspired floor plans. My favorite style. One of the model homes had the word "DREAM" hanging from a bedroom curtain rod. It was in a gothic font and the letters had glitter on them. I loved the concept, although it didn't look right to me in a bedroom. My thoughts were, however, that it would be a perfect idea for a Halloween banner. So the 3 of us got together and created this banner.

Here's what we used:

this font

black posterboard

Elmer's glue


black (or orange, or silver) glitter


Blow up the letters to the size you want and print out. Cut them out and use them as stencils on the black posterboard. (We smoothed out some of the edges on the letters because they were a little too ornate). Reinforce the back of your letters with popsicle sticks if your posterboard is too thin (if you do not, the glue will cause the post board to curl). Paint your letters (one at a time) with an even coat of glue. Sprinkle black glitter generously over the letter. Let your letters dry overnight. Using a wide ribbon (if your ribbon is not wide enough your banner will not hang flat), attach your letters using hot glue. Leave about an inch bettween letters... you don't want them to close together or they will overlap when you hang it up. Leave at least a 7 inch tag on each end from which to hang your banner. Add additional pieces of ribbon for whimsy... choose a variety of widths and textures. I used orange silk, black with handstitched edges, white ric rac and black and white striped. Black and white gingham and polka dots would also be cute! You can also hang the letter individually, each one with it's own piece of ribbon. Looks great across a mantle, hanging in a window, along the top of an armoire, or at the top of a niche like mine. I thought the letters might also look cute if covered in velvet. Oooh la laa!!!


21 October 2009

I love fall

Maybe it's the bounty of colorful vegetables.






Maybe it's all the fun I'm having with Halloween decor.







Stay tuned for tutorials.

16 October 2009

fabulous fabric flowers

Linsey at Voila is to blame for this new obsession.

The perfect corsage for Fall:

I've seen pillows at Anthropologie like this:

To adorn my daughter's head:

The fabulous thing about this project is that it takes very little material, so if you save your scraps like I do it costs nothing at all to whip out several of these at a time! The one on the bottom, left, is actually made from scraps of handkerchiefs!

If you want instructions on how I made these, let me know. There are also instructions at Linsey's blog, although I changed a few things in the way that I did mine. :)

13 October 2009

family value wall

I've seen several versions of this idea, all of which I have loved. It's taken me a while to come up with my own rendition, one that I felt was beautiful and artistic and meaningful to our family. So we discussed what things we wanted the "Rogers Family" to be known or recognized for. As the kids tossed out their ideas we found some scriptures to support them and made a list.

Here's how the wall turned out:


It's in my stairwell where the kids see it each morning as they descend, close to THIS picture display of their ancestors, which I also feel is important for them to see regularly. (I couldn't get a better picture of the wall in context because of the way our stairs wind, it's quite large - about 3x5 ft.)

They comment on it from time to time, to tell me of ways in which they've represented our family well. I'm so happy they see the importance in having values and in standing for something.

06 October 2009

Thoughts on General Conference

I loved Conference, as always. The talk that has stood out in my mind is Elder Eyring's talk on family. He talked about the importance of love - husband for wife, child for sibling, child for parent. He didn't say "The perfect family has no challenges. The perfect family has perfect children in it and perfect parents." He indicates that the perfect family (or one striving for perfection) is one that is built on love. I don't know why that struck such a chord with me, I guess I have been feeling discouraged by my willful children lately, and ashamed of my heated reactions to them. But the Lord knows how I love those children. Aside from my husband they are my life. I would give anything, do anything - for them, for my husband, for my family. It is comforting to know that even with all that love there are going to be challenges, and that's okay. So long as we continue to show our love for one another.

Just the reassurance I need right about now.

02 October 2009

The value of friendship

I'm really enjoying a time in my life when I can cultivate close friendships again... not the kind that's based on the fact that your kids get along well, but the kind that's based on enjoying the same things, on having the same interests and goals. You know, those things that you tend to let slip away when you first become a mom?

Finding friendship again has been such a blessing in my life, and I wonder how I got by for so long without it. It was very important to me as a child, I was kind of shy but I adored my friends. Came out of my shell finally in high school and then began forming my best, most lasting friendships. Staying in touch with friends has always been important to me, I not only loved writing letters but also calling them on the phone. Sunday nights my freshman year were for talking to friends and family. I looked forward to it so much! But I've written and called less and less, especially with those that did not go on to have children. Because motherhood is all consuming and for a good few years it really is all you can think about. So relating to others in your shoes is very important. And being reminded of your "former" life can be very discouraging, at least on the difficult days. But I still appreciate, am eternally grateful for, the value those friendships added to my life at that time, and in that season.

I think online forums, facebook, twitter, blogging and all those new forms of communication are so popular among young moms because it is much easier to sit down and type out a sentence or two at a time about what you are thinking than to actually get through a real conversation. As sad and impersonal as that sounds. Any mom knows how frustrating it is to get on the phone for 15 minutes only to discover that in that time your child has dumped an entire bottle of shampoo out on the bathroom floor. It's just not worth it.

But my children are older now, they are all in some from of schooling and I have time to myself again. They are also more independent, so if I want to go out on a weeknight with my friends my husband doesn't feel like I am dumping on him. There is a sense of freedom that comes with older chidlren, although it doesn't get any easier being a parent. Your focus just shifts from the physical needs to more of the mental and emotional needs of your children. And you can then put more physcial energy into yourself. I'm really loving that.

So to my sisters who are still in that phase of mothering where they feel like friendship has been squeezed out of their life, or that motherhood dictates where and to what extent their friendhips exist, hang in there. I know you know that it's worth the sacrifice. I know you are grateful for your children and that you love them. I know that you appreciate the women in your life who are going through the same things that you are. But I also know that you are wondering when the time will come again that you can run off for the weekend with your peeps. Your soul sisters. The ones that like to do all the same crazy things you do, read all the same crazy books you do, and listen to all the same crazy music you do. The time WILL come, and your conversations will stimulate your intellect and your creativity and have nothing to do with lack of sleep or potty training! And to my soul sisters, they know who they are, you are such jewels. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for listening to me, encouraging, inspiring, stengthening, and reassuring me. Thanks for making me laugh until I cry. Thanks for the fashion advice. ;) And thank you for bringing true friendship back into my life!