About Me...

(photo courtesy of Kristen Duke Photography)

The run down: I love my family. I try hard to be a fun mom. {Birthday parties are my favorite.} I love artsy crafty things. CrEaTiViTy - it's like a fever some days. I love my home and beautifying it. Hey, if I'm going be a stay-at-home-mom I want a warm, inviting, comfortable place to stay! I'm a little bit Texas a little bit Utah. I've also lived in Hawaii and WISH I could live in Italy. I run and practice yoga. Ying and yang, that's me! I love photography and from that love a business has been born. I'm also a violinist and violist (by degree).

I'm in constant pursuit of ~il bel far niente~ {the beauty of doing nothing}, which I believe has nothing to do with being lazy and everything to do with gracefully letting go once in a while. Thoughts like this interspersed with creative ideas and tales from my colorful days with my 4 colorful children......... welcome to my blog (which may also change color from time to time). ;)