13 February 2011

Love is in the air!

Hi all!  So here are some pictures and commentary from the gorgeous hotel we stayed in this weekend!  I don't what it is about fancy hotels, but I can't think of anything more luxurious than getting to stay in a posh place for just a night or 2. 

The first thing I usually do is lie down on the bed.  That always tells me something.  If you just melt into it, you know you've picked someplace truly indulgent.  The Driskill's bed was fabulous!  I felt like I was sleeping on feathers.  And the way it was made up was so fun, too.  I am not an animal fur lover - fake or real - but there was a rather gorgeous fur throw on the bed which came in very handy as we've had some really, really cold weather here in Austin lately!  You will probably never find one in my home, but I sure loved snuggling under it with the Mr.

I always find inspiration in how hotel rooms are decorated. My husband thinks I'm weird - but I always take tons of pictures of the places we stay!  Well, unless it's a Motel 6.  Lol.  But with my fascination with fancy schmancy hotels I'm thinking maybe I need to open my own one day!  Or at least get hired to decorate one.  Now that would be fabulous fun.

Here is a collage of the items that struck my fancy!  Enjoy!

Top left: love this monogram pillow.  It's like an oversized lumbar-support pillow.  Made from white linen.  Front, back and sides all pieced together separately (so it's shirt box-shaped) and not turned in after sewing together... so the edges are left raw and lovely!

Top right: I've got this orange in my living room right now.  But living in Austin, anything of the pumpkin orange category has been deemed "UT (Univ. of TX) orange".  And when you put it that way, I don't love the color so much.  I guess I've had one too many people walk into my house and say - "Oh, are you guys UT fans?"  Serisouly?  So yeah, I was going to change it... but I love it paired with this gorgeous taupe-y brown trim and I may reconsider keeping it on my wall and adding some kind of detail to break it up a bit. I found this at Hobby Lobby, and I'm excited to try it out!

Middle left:  Oh how I love me a window seat.  Never had one.  That's gotta change.  And it will definitely need some very large down pillows on it, just like these.

Middle right: I love old antique-y looking faucets!  The ones labelled "cold" and "hot"?  So cute.

Bottom left: Drooling over the tiling in the bathroom!  I've always loved black and white on a bathroom floor.  Our bathroom also had subway tiles on the walls.

Bottom right: Hoepfully you can make out the awesome oversized, framed postcard.  How darling would that be for Vanlentine's Day?  I am going to try and whip one up!!!

Happy Valentine's to all tomorrow!!!  If you need something fun to send out really quickly to co-workers, office crushes, hubbies or girlfriends, check these ecards out by Kate Spade's "Behind the Curtain" project... love it!!!

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Nettie said...

What a pretty place! How nice for you two to have a little get away together, too.