14 February 2011

What we did, what we gave, what I wore...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Hope you're all enjoying your day! Here's what we've been up to today.

Last night Cupid made his annual visit, leaving goodies for the kiddos (a club penguin puffle and funky socks).  The kids awoke to a "heart-y" breakfast of strawberries, heart-shaped toast, and mini powdered donuts.  I made the same lunch for them that I do every year:

Everything inside was either heart-shaped or red: juice, apples sliced round-wise with the core cut out in a heart shape, a sandwich, pretzels, and pink Little Debbie's snack cakes.  Of course a love note, too!

Here are the valentines they gave their friends this year:

Got the templates here.

And here is what I gave my friends and their teachers:

Is that not the cutest idea?  Tissue paper corsages.  I got it HERE.  You can't tell since I took the picture using a mirror, but it has the word love scribbled all over the white tissue paper in red pen.  LOVE!  And then I layered in some plain natural colored tissue paper as well to give it a little more interest.

Didn't leave my hubby out!  He found this in his car this morning:

The oversized postcard, in french!

And what did I get?  Flowers from the Mr.  And this darling bubblegum necklace from my dear friend Esther.  She made it from this tutorial!!!  Super cute, huh?  When you get a chance go over and say hi (to Esther), she is new to blogdom!!!  Her blog is called Sweet Potato and Chocolate, which are her cute little boys' nicknames.

Hope you are enjoying your day.  Lots o' blog love to you!

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Shell said...

awww! what sweet ideas!!!