27 March 2008

Ah, so that's what I missed while I was walking the halls...

My daughter has been of the age now for a couple years where she does not need busy activities during church, but I let her have a piece of paper and encourage her to write down her impressions.

I found this list she made from a while back in an old church bag. It starts off great - with some really deep stuff... John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ, Christ is our example, Say your prayers every night...

And then there's this:
(translation - Just like your wife said. Take out the trash! Ok!)


21 March 2008

A little something I am known for...

Little did you know you were visiting a celebrity blogger. Yes, in the birthday party arena, I am somewhat of a legend. At least among my neighbors and a few close friends. Lol. But I do get a lot of hits on my birthday parties, especially the Spa-jama party I threw for my little girl last year. I aim to please again, this year, as most of our family's birthdays fall in the summertime.

This year my daughter's birthday will kick of the party season. She's asked for a Hannah Montana party. I tried to convince her that a Harry Potter party with potions and experiments would be more fun (for me) but she gets to choose and Hannah Montana is her (very-third-grade-girly-girl) choice! So. It took me a while to get the creative juices flowing (and visits to a lot of different party sites), but here is what I have come up with! Drumroll? Thank you.

The invitations are going to be made up to look like concert tickets. The decor will consist of CDs and foil stars hanging from the ceiling. The guests will be meeting at Sweet and Sassy Salon dressed up as pop/rockstars. My daughter has already decided to be Cyndi Lauper, which I am secretly so excited about (yes I love full miniskirts and leggings and big belts and bangle bracelets). They will each get their hair done in a full party up-do. They will each be handed a backstage pass and from there we will head home where the red carpet will be a laid out and as they walk in, (renderings of) cameras will be flashing and cameras will be rolling. There may even be an interview or two. Each girl will draw a fun name from a hat and "be" that name for the evening (after all, Miley Cyrus has a dual persona). A group photo will be taken and printed off for each girl, and then they will all have a chance to autograph each other's pictures. Next will come the lip sync contest, all Hannah Montana songs of course (and everyone a winner as well - prizes could be bedazzled guitar pics, not sure yet). And finally, cupcake cones (which naturally look like microphones), chips, music note shaped cookies, soda pop and so forth will be served at the "after party". Each guest will be taking home a black t-shirt with words like "Rock on" and "Pop Star" and "Fab" glued on in rhinestones (by myself), along with their group autographed photo.

Can you not wait for pictures?

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20 March 2008

So many changes...

Sasha is counting.

Drew is using the potty.

Jonah is reading like a pro.

Our house is under contract.

All I want to know is when did they change the voice of Ruby on Nickolodeon's Ruby and Max? Some changes should not be sprung on you!


12 March 2008

I'm here!

I'm in "I need a vacation from my vacation" mode. And my kids are on Spring Break, so it ain't exactly happenin'. My performance went very well. (I got to participate in an alumni orchestra concert honoring one of my college conductors, who was also the dean of the BYU School of music, and for a short time, my viola teacher as well). I reconnected with a lot of old friends and enjoyed being "back on stage". My musical involvement has been at a bit of a standstill since Sasha was born (at which point I stopped teaching and began waiting for the performance opportunities to pour in, lol). I'm committed to participate in a recital next month. So this orchestra reunion was a good kick in the pants for me. :)

Anyway, I'll be easing back into blogdom. I had to fill an order of Whimsy Wipes as soon as I got back in town. I'm not even sure I ever announced that good news. A local baby boutique (
Hey, Baby!) is selling my covered wipes containers now! (see storefront below)

And check out this new fabric I've found.

Actually it's an old print, pretty much discontinued... but I got my hands on 2 yards of it a couple weeks ago and it's just perfect for a baby boy, don't you think? Good boy prints are hard to come by and I've found that the boys' covered wipes are my best seller. There are so few fun baby boy artsy crafty things for a new mommy to indulge in!

So back to easing back in... I'll be back around to visit you all soon. After being gone for 5 days I've turned most of my attention to my kids... they've made some pretty big plans for us this week. We've already made a music video, gone book shopping and had lunch with Daddy. Tomorrow is movie day and Friday is spin art day!

Hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of Spring. It really lifts your mood, doesn't it?

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04 March 2008

My Life Monday

Rachelle at Teacher, Mom, Mad Woman is the host of My Life Monday. Yesterday she asked us to share a 6 word life memoir, a la Ernest Hemingway. The example she gave was "For sale: Baby shoes, never worn." Clever.

And here is what I came up with:

Found her purpose, lived it well.

I sure hope that's what they'll say about me!

I'm taking off tomorrow for a few days. I'll see you guys next week!

02 March 2008