23 September 2008

So I love to decorate...

(In case you hadn't noticed) Here's a few fun ideas I've recently used in our new house, and thought I'd share them with all of you! (For more pictures and ideas go to http://southgadwall.blogspot.com/)

I've always hated these oversized window ledges they put above the front door. What an awkward area to decorate! I remember asking our builder if they could just "leave it out", along with all the niches and extra frou frou stuff. He thought I was crazy. Anyway, after much anguish this is what I came up with for ours, and I rather like it now:


I began collecting these bobbins several years ago, and the idea to use them as candle holders came from my mother-in-law who is an interior designer. I figure I can add little pumpkins up for Fall, evergreen branches for Christmas... I'm going to enjoy being creative with it. :)

I am to ribbon what a seamstress is to fabric. It excites me with all it's great uses - little girls' hair, wrapping, picture hooks, napkin rings, it's uses are endless. So I save every scrap! To keep it all organized and to show it off in a fun way I keep mine in a large jar. Each piece is wrapped around an old clothes pin and secured with a straight pin. I can't take credit for the cute storage idea, I stole it from a friend in the area. But I love it! Here it is on top of my craft armoire in the office:


I am anti-matchy. I don't like for things to look too well put together, I love a good piece de resistance in a room, I avoid "sets" of furniture, etc. I love knobs. Especially one-of-a-kind. Seriously this is one of the things I've been msot excited about for our house - finding fun knobs for all of our cabinetry! Lol. I stumbled upon these at one of my favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby. They didn't have enough of one kind of knob, but they all went together so beautifully I didn't care. They have an aged look to them, some are big and chunky (more like door knobs), some are small, all are unique.




So hopefully there are a few ideas some of you might enjoy using. I love swapping ideas, yours are always welcome to me!

17 September 2008

The Ripple Effect

n. (rip' el i-fekt') To bring into existence multiple messes in a short period of time. Usually performed by a toddler. Timing is of essence in order to execute properly - as Mom is knee deep in one mess you must quickly make your move somewhere on the other side of house and outdo yourself. Ad nauseum. Be sure to make lots of noise, preferably wild animalistic giggles, so that you cannot hear her screaming for you to stop, or else.

12 September 2008

07 September 2008

Judging Others

My husband and I were at a restaurant the other day and a young couple with a fussy toddler happened to sit down next to us. It didn't bother me at all, I have so been there. But I took a moment to watch other people's (including mothers') reactions and realized not everyody is so understanding. It shocks me, I mean all mothers - I don't care how well-adjusted your children are - have had to deal with the "public display of misbahavior" at some point or another. This poor young couple was getting stared at from all directions. I overheard a mother nearby explain to her son that "sometimes children just don't know how to behave in public". I felt awful for them, especially the mother, who just stared at her child, and looked as if she were paralyzed with fear. I leaned over and gently said, "Don't worry about it. We've all been there, whether or not we choose to admit it." And offered her son a piece of bread from our bread basket. She teared up and said "Thank you. He's had a rough day and we're eating later than usual. I appreciate your understanding." I thought, why wouldn't I give that to another mother?

A few weeks ago after church I got ready to pull out of my parking space just as a woman right next to me was getting in her car. She pulled a face at me, even my daughter noticed it, and asked me "Why did that woman look at you so rudely?" I told her I really didn't know. I hadn't noticed her getting in her car, but I patiently waited for her to do so before backing out. This week she spoke in church... she signed and she talked simultaneously because she has a daughter who is deaf. That I did not know. And I noticed immediately how animated she was with her face. However, even when she was speaking positively her expression seemed sour. Her husband is currently fighting in Iraq. She has 3 children under the age of 5. It's hard, she said to the congregation. Really, really hard.

I can only imagine.

I've had many opportunities to learn this lesson over the past few months... both from the judger's side and the side of being wrongfully judged.

Assume nothing, that is my new mantra.