23 September 2010


I'm kinda excited about today's project. It was so fast, and it's fun, and I scored a deal in the process.

All you need :


There are several takes on this idea. In years past I've done each letter in a different font and mounted it in a frame. This year I wanted something a little different. While perusing Hobby Lobby, I found these small, square (6x6 to be exact), padded bulletin boards, complete with darling gem studded pins. AND THEY WERE 50% OFF.  Perfect!

I found a font I liked (this one is Adobe Caslon Pro Bold) and printed out my letters on cardstock. You'll need something with a little substance. Honestly, cardstock is a little thin. Print out on regular paper and then trace onto poster board, cardboard, or you could even use sizing since we're working with fabric as well.

Cut around you letters carefully and use as a template (opposite side down) on the back of your fabric. Trace with marker and cut out fabric. Then apply fabric to your letters using you preferred mounting agent. I used mod podge in matte.  Because I'm not much of a matchy, symmetrical person, I used 3 different fabrics with the same color scheme.  I could have used different fonts, too... but a lot of the more cutesy or ornate fonts would have been difficult to cut out of fabric.  And you don't want to go too over-the-top or it gets gaudy-looking.

If you go with card stock to back your fabric (and maybe even poster board), you'll want to let your letters dry between 2 sheets of wax paper and weight them down over night (to prevent curling).

When they're dry, mount however you'd like!  In individual frames, on these fabulous bulletin boards from Hobby Lobby, on a banner, or directly onto the wall... go wild. ;)  What I love about the bulletin boards is that I can easily change the word for, say, Christmas...

(JOY, anyone?)


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