30 September 2010

Great Fall and Halloween Looks

I posted some great fall looks a couple years ago and got a huge response, so I thought I'd add some more this year.

I've loved seeing more color this year.  The Fall palate no longer has to be orange, brown and yellow.  Last year I kept my "very summer colored" porch furniture up for Fall and I love the pop it gave everything:

I love what Becky Higgins did with her table here.

Here are some oldie but goodies.

I love Martha Stewart's cookie cutter pumpkins.  Usually, she is much too symmetrical and prim for me, but these pumpkins are so fun!  I also love the polka dot one featured here (see bottom left pic).

I still intend to make one of these pedestals featured in Country Home Magazine:

This pumpkin was also featured in Country Home magazine a few years ago:

Love it.  I did some of my own art on these pumpkins a couple years ago:

You can use fonts, templates, or just free hand.  I usually free hand because it's fun to let your imagination go and what else am I gonna do with all the art training I didn't go on to pursue?

Here's a fun idea.  Why not try some of "those other colors" instead of black this year?  Why yes, I think I will!

Have you seen the great vintage Halloween clip art at The Graphics Fairy?  Check these out:

How about some traditionally colored bugs for a little bit of creepiness?

Love her collection of old haunted houses.  Perfect in frames.

Such a fun vintage seed packet label!

This was featured on The Graphics Fairy's blog but was actually designed by none other than Amy Locurto.

Cute on bags or labels!

I can't wait to play with this free printable... it screams banner!

Here's one spot I've got The Graphics Fairy printables up in my home:


Before you ask how to make the glass frame, I bought it.  At Target for super cheap on clearance.  BUT the idea of making one fascinates me.  And I know it wouldn't be too hard using a piece of plexiglass and vinyl or scrapbook embellishments applied to the back for the frames.  Drill some holes and hang from ribbon.  Intriguing, huh?

ETA: Boy that niche looks bare.  Sometimes a picture says a thousand words!  I'll have to update with a new improved version...

Up next, Great Fall Tastes... and a giveaway starts Monday!  Stay tuned.

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Chris said...

Those are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing!