26 September 2010


Gosh, I love Sundays. I love getting dressed up in our Sunday best, as a family, and going to church. I love doing my hair - often it's the only of the day of the week that I do my hair. (It's long and I have to straighten it and yada, yada yada...) I love wearing heels and feeling pretty. I love my calling at church (for those that do not know - a "job" so to speak). My calling is to teach the children music. We sing and play games and they are just so sweet. I seriously love them all. I love coming home from church and snacking on yummy treats. I love how much quieter the house is on Sundays. I love taking a nap. I look forward to it all week. I can crawl into bed and not have to think about anything at all. I let out an audible sigh nearly every Sunday when I lie down. I love being in my pjs in the middle of the day. I love my kids curling up around me on the sofa while we watch a movie after dinner. I love to read and soak in the calm. I love not looking at the clock or worrying about having to be somewhere. I love to hear uplifting music wafting out of my husband's office where he's doing his own thing. Where he's also soaking up our day of rest. I love the smell of whatever scent I am burning. And on this particular Sunday, I love having the window open and sensing that Autumn, at last, is coming.

What is your favorite day?

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Becky said...

I love all those same things about Sundays. After church, it's just my day to simply "be".