05 September 2010

a gift that smells divine

Gift wrapping is one of my favorite creative arenas.  I think I love paper even more than fabric, but you can wrap gifts in so many things: wall paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, and yes - fabric too!

One of my best friends just had a birthday, and to make her present extra special I wrapped it in scented drawer liners.  I found them at Tuesday Morning, and was first attracted to the design on them.  It was so fun and girly.  Once I realized that they were drawer liners and not wrapping paper, I thought, why not use them as wrapping paper?  Then there is a fun dual purpose to making your gift look fabulous. :)

My friend loved it, jsut as I knew she would.  And as a paper/ribbon saver like myself, I know she's got these drawer liners tucked away somewhere special. :)

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

What a clever idea! Love it! I actually wrap a lot of gifts in either white wrapping paper or white tissue paper and use ribbons to accent. Because I have an insane ribbon addiction!

Jeanneoli said...

What a fun (and nice smelling) idea!!

Swimmingmom said...

Great idea. I so appreciate packages that have been lovingly wrapped.I remember sitting next to a friend at a bridal shower. We both share the same sentiments on gift wrap. We looked at each other in horror as we watched the line of bridesmaids tear through all the paper and hand over the gifts to the bride to be who never even had the chance to see the beautiful,special wrapping chosen and put together just for her.