21 September 2010

Let Us Oft Eat Cake

I love cake.  Not just because it is the most delightful dessert on the planet, but because cake is fun.  Cake means happy.  When I see cake on art, clothing, paper, in literature, you name it, I find myself giddy.

Here are some delightful cake themed things that I am loving right now:

Char at Crap I've Made sewed these darling aprons (and matching hats) for her daughter's birthday party.   (That's right people, I'm highlighting in PINK for this post!)

My friend Anne at Blues and Basics turned me on to Paul Ferney's art work here.  Does this make you want to throw a party for yourself?

Speaking of parties, there are some pretty freaking cute cupcake parties circling the web.  Look at the DARLING table display Natalie created over at Little Shindigs:

Want a fun, fast read?  Try this book:

And there is so much more that I could show... especially in the clothing department.  Just go and browse Etsy.  It's all so yummy!  

To round things out though, HERE is my favoritest cake recipe ever.  It's called Sinckerdoodle Cake and you'll want to make 5 of them at once.  Not kidding.

Well, it's no surprise that my little girl also loves cake, cupcakes, etc.  She wanted some cake art for her room and this is what I came up with:

I used watercolor paper for the background of this little collage.  In fact, I painted the background kind of a washy swirly pale yellow with watercolors.  After it dried, I layered my cake pieces... just drew and cut them freehand.  It's easy if you keep the lines simple.  Use Paul Ferney's art for inspiration!!!  

The table cloth, pedestal, cake, frosting layers, and cherry are all cut from scrapbook paper.  Those are doilies around the edges and over the top of the cake stand.  Just to add a bit of whimsy and fill in some empty space.  And there's brocade trim dripping around the top of the cake to look like frosting decoration.

Such a yummy project!  We haven't decided whether to hang it like a banner, with ribbon, or frame it in a white wash antique-y frame.  Thoughts?

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Anne said...

hey...thanks for the shout out! and i love your cake creation and think it would look gorgeous in a frame.