13 February 2006

Your Inner Child

Sometimes the joy of motherhood is in the little and silly things... letting the kids pile into your bed for storytime, having an impromptu dance party (complete with all your shameless favorites, which they will likely love, though not for long), meeting them for lunch at school, playing cupid on Valentine's Eve. I like to think I'm a kid at heart and that it makes me a better mom. I still get thrills out of swings and paint and cookie dough.

Ever heard of Sark? She's famous for her "How to be an Artist" posters. My personal favorite, however, is her "How to Really Love a Child":

Be there. Say yes as often as possible. Let them bang on pots and pans. If they're crabby, put them in water. If they're unlovable, love yourself. Realize how important it is to be a child. Go to a movie theatre in your pajamas. Read books out loud with joy. Invent pleasures together. Remember how really small they are. Giggle a lot. Surprise them. Say no when necessary. Teach feelings. Heal your own inner child. Learn about parenting. Hug trees together. Make loving safe. Bake a cake and eat it with no hands. Go find elephants and kiss them. Plan to build a rocketship. Imagine yourself magic. Make lots of forts with blankets. Let your angel fly. Reveal your own dreams. Search out the positive. Keep the gleam in your eye. Mail letters to God. Encourage silly. Plant licorice in your garden. Open up. Stop yelling. Express your love. A lot. Speak kindly. Paint their tennis shoes. Handle with caring.

Children are miraculous.

I highly recommend those in boldface. They've worked well for us :-).

I think that if we take the time to think like a child, we cannot help but be happy. Have you ever physically gotten down on their level and looked at the world through their eyes? It sure is a different place. Suddenly life seems adventurous and amusing (assuming we allow that).

Of course, it also explains why tables and chandeliers are so enticing.


ShelahBooksIt said...

thanks for the reminder to shut off Dora and actually play with them

smartmama said...

lei- come see the blog- we're sharing vibes today!

Lei said...

shelah - no problems with dora here! i find her tunes to be quite catchy ;-)

Rachelle said...

There is a reason you are nominated in the category you are. I love your blog and I love reading it!

emlouisa said...

I've been working on this very thing. I played with A a lot today and it was GREAT fun!!!

Lee said...

I worked on this hard the whole day! What a difference it makes! Thanks Lei!!