22 February 2006

Wild Card Wednesday...

So Wednesdays are going to be my off the wall entry day. The topic may be anything about nothing, a poll, unorganized thoughts... whatever comes to my mind! And the more different the entry is from the day before or the day after, the better. :)

So, let's begin, shall we?

Okay, there is one thing in my life that I don't think I could ever live without. The most ingenious creation known to man. Something I would probably have on hand even if I randomly woke up on a deserted island, because I never leave home without them. I bet you think you know what it is my smart, smart friends. But you're probably in for a surprise here, or maybe disappointment, because what I'm referring to is wet wipes, in all their simple glory. Are they the most versatile product ever? I think so! I'm not sure how I ever survived my pre-children life without them. Now, there are probably a thousand uses for wet wipes that I have not yet discovered, after all they are near perfect, but here's a list of what I've tried and tested, with 100% success. Prepare. to be. amazed:

cleaning floorboards
removing almost any stain from clothing
getting tennies white again
cleaning the bed of my flip slops to remove dirty footprints
cleaning smudges off of upholstery
getting stains out of the carpet
cleaning gucky noses
giving quick sponge baths (not me, the baby:))
spot cleaning my kitchen floor

As much as I'd like for everyone to believe that I slave over my tile and wood floors, or that dust never falls on my floorboards, or that I have my children trained to never ever spill, or get boogars, or get food anywhere on their faces, I believe in honesty, and in giving credit where credit is due. So. Share all your easy wet wipe secrets with the blogoshpere. Right here. Right now. Please don't hold back ;).


Rachelle said...

I love wet wipes too! Especially the clorox ones for shopping carts, my school phone, and so many other things!

emlouisa said...

Wet wipes rock!!! I'm excited for Wild Card Wednesday!

Nutella said...

Okay...I am kind of embarrassed, but I use the sensitive skin ones to clean off my make-up. They are much cheaper than the ponds face wipes and the work just as well. There, I said it! I use baby butt wipes on my face!

Thanks for stopping by! I am sure I will like Wild Card Wednesday!

Lei said...

That's right Rachelle - the idea has already been BRILLIANTLY capitalized on with cleaning wipes! It's a phenomenon, isn't it?

ShelahBooksIt said...

I even have the furniture polish wipes. They rock too.

Andrea said...

*cleaning the toilet seat
*cleaning the baby change table mat
*cleaning a white board

Anything that needs cleaning!!

Lee said...

Wet Wipes. They are simply the best invention in the world. Dude you know how rich whoever invented them must be??