28 February 2006

I got a promotion!

Well, my husband got a promotion, but isn't it the same thing? When his pager goes off, we both wake up. Actually, I wake up and then spend 10 minutes waking him up. (And another 10 falling back asleep, but who's counting) When he works overtime, I work overtime. What he makes, I spend. So, yeah, we got a promotion! Yahoo! In honor of this great day, I want to do a top 10.

10) getting over the flu (yeah, puking at 22 weeks = not much fun)
9) signs of spring
8) sonic's new smoothees
7) new maternity clothes (as in holeless!)
6) going out of town this weekend with the girls
5) refurbishing the old family heirloom piano so my daughter can take lessons
4) son #2 singing "e-i-e-i-o" to Old MacDonald (he is only 16 months old; yes I am bragging)
3) son #1 telling me "I love the baby in your tummy" (music to my years since he hated the last one)
2) daughter reading/devouring everything in sight
1) promotions, of course :)


Rachelle said...

Cute, cute, cute, especially singing to the belly! Congrats on the promo!

smartmama said...

that is great- it so makes your day!

Nutella said...

Very Congratulations! That is great news!

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