03 February 2006

Oy, my back!

I feel all discombobulated (love that word)! I leapt after Drew night before last just as he was about to take a nose dive off the coffee table and out went my lower back. Some Wonder Woman I'd make, huh?! 30 minutes of ice and some Tylenol and I was feeling fine. Yesterday I saw my chiropractor and everything adjusted very nicely. I felt well enough last night to head over to a pj/Mary Kay party my friend was having (their microdermabrasion kit is de-vine, by the way). Then this morning Jonah's bus driver decided to drive off without him. So he and I ran down the block trying to catch up with her. I felt my lower back begin to give with each pound on the pavement. Hello... am I totally falling apart here or what?! Does anyone know of a place that accepts relaxin donations? Okay, so it was fine by me to stop doing TaeBo during my pregnancies. The first time my hip launched out of its socket I just felt more comfortable burning the DVD. But saving your child? Catching the bus? Apparently someone forgot to list these alongside "go easy on the tuna" and "don't dye your hair". That's it. I'm returning "What to Expect When You're Expecting". Anyway, I digress... Thankfully we caught up with his bus. Unfortunately though, I had to drag my left leg all the way back to my house. And since dh worked until 5:30 this morning, I knew I was on my own for at least a few more hours. So I limped through the door and popped some more Tylenol and laid down for 30 minutes before I absolutely had to rescue Drew from his crib and calm his raging apetite. But each step down the stairs held a nice little unexpected surprise for me. Some didn't hurt, others did, and every now and then I had to yelp and grab the handrail! Somehow today, perhaps by the grace of God, I've managed getting to my 18 week OB check-up and the grocery store... but I'm out for the day now. And all I can say is TGIF! And TGMHIOC (Thank goodness my husband is off call)!


Andrea said...

I hope you feel better soon Lei!

emlouisa said...

Poor girl! Sorry your back is being so stupid! That sucks!