20 February 2006

Opposites attract

One of my favorite shows to catch when I am folding laundry is Dharma and Greg. My husband and I are opposites, much like they are. I showed him how to separate plastics for recycling, he showed me how to use a computer (and I bet some days he wishes he hadn't ;)). I'm liberal, he is conservative. I am right-brained, he is left-brained.

If I had married another artist, it never would have worked, even though I'd always thought that you should end up with the one you had the most in common with. I'm pretty sure it's better to have one passionate person in the house than two. There seems to be a very good balance this way, but it is interesting the ways in which we have adapted to one another's thinking! The minute Andrew and I began dating seriously, I saw a gradual change in myself, or a pull in his direction... I became more organized, I took an interest in keeping house. I just felt more "together" and definitely ready for more than previous relationships had inspired in me. And you know, it wasn't anything he said or did. Andrew admits he felt the same kind of pull towards me and the things that made me light up. He took me to museums and performances and on picnics for our dates, whereas he had previously been a "dinner and a movie" kind of guy. And he began to feel a little more carefree around me.

So, I am grateful for our ying and yang relationship. We compliment one another. We respect the differences we bring to this union. And I think our children have a lot to learn from the two of us together.

Yes, we make an incredibly brilliant duo. :)


emlouisa said...

Greg and I are opposites too. He is the quiet, intelligent nerdy guy who hates crowds and talking to people and I am the loud, non-book smart girl who loves crowds and talking to anyone.

If it weren't for me he'd never leave the house. If it weren't for him, we'd be in debt probably a million dollars.

We "complete" each other.

Lei said...

-If it weren't for me he'd never leave the house. If it weren't for him, we'd be in debt probably a million dollars.

Oh yeah, and that too, Em! Lol.

smartmama said...

yep lei n em right there with you- my dh would own 3 oairs of shoes if it weren't for me- i am the social one, the artsy one- he is the methodical one, the minimalist

Rachelle said...

Mark and I are are a lot alike. He says alike enough to be compatible but different enough to make it interesting. We definitely balance each other out.

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