20 October 2010

Monogram Door Sign, Halloween Style

I've walked by the cutest magnetic boards in Hobby Lobby a few times now, just waiting for them to go on sale.  When they got black and white polka dot ones in the store, I was giddy.  And I grabbed one practically as soon as they put up the 50% off sign.

My Halloween wreath has seen better days, so I thought this would be a fun substitute this year.  And I kind of like it hanging on the INSIDE of my door for a change!

I left the board as is, it came with the fun green ribbon and everything.  But I glued on the first letter of our last name to personalize it.

The letter is made of chipboard.  Unfinished, it looks like this:

Only $1, .50 if you get lucky and they go on sale.  Chipboard was perfect for this project, especially since it is lightweight.  

I covered my letter in orange contruction paper first ...  orange because I was going to use orange glitter on top.  If you cover your letter in whatever color glitter you are using, it's not as big a deal if the glitter gets rubbed off in a few spots.

Trace your letter {BACKWARDS} onto your paper, cut, flip, and mod podge onto the surface of the chipboard. Let dry for about 15 minutes.  Apply Triple Thick over that.  This is what Triple Thick looks like, so you don't spend forever searching for it the first time, like I didn't. ;)

The Triple Thick gives this project a more finished look, which is nice since we used cheap chipboard and cheap construction paper in our first 2 steps.  It dries shiny, which is fun with the glitter.  Apply your glitter generously over the surface of the Triple Thick.  Pat it down a bit and let dry overnight.

In the a.m. you can apply your letter to your board however you like.  I used hot glue because it is what I had but I am sure something like Gorilla Glue would work better. :)

At last, enjoy!!!

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Heather said...

Very cute! Looks really good with the witch's broom and shoes!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Isn't triple thick the coolest?!?!?

Swimmingmom said...

Fun idea! I love that you just used construction paper. It make it such an approachable craft! Is triple thick similar to Modge Podge? BTW, I really like you door.

Lei said...

Yes it, it's use is similar but the texture is completely different.

Anonymous said...

oh i'm going to have to get some of that triple thick! i love your entryway with that witches broom & boots! you are so creative!