29 October 2010

legos, legos everywhere

It's late.  I'm tired.  And you know what I am up so late working on?  Preparations for a lego party for my boy.  Tomorrow.  *yawn*

I should have some awesome pics to share with you after the weekend is over.  But for now, a teaser... the invitations!

I picked up this idea here, only I found a true to life lego font for the lego emblem on each stud. 

Drew is beside himself with excitement, especially after we went trunk or treating tonight, and his lego man costume was such a big hit with the crowd (pics of that soon to come, as well).

Up next are the lego plate notebooks, then I can go to bed.  Intrigued?  

1 comment:

utmommy said...

Can't wait! I'm sure it'll be darling. You always have such great ideas.