24 October 2010

Happy 101 Blogging Award

Erin Terry was kind enough to grant me the Happy 101 Blogging Award.  I'm supposed to write 10 things I love, and then send the award onto 10 other people.

So without further ado, 10 things that I love.........
1. my family
2. spending time with my friends
3. exercise
4. fresh bread
5. baking
6. reading
7. creating - interior design, art, photography
8. diet coke
9. peanut butter
10. scary movies

And now for 10 happy bloggers that I love - for their wittiness, friendship, creativity, example...

Nie Nie
Crap I've Made
Crazy Bloggin' Canuck
Tatertots and Jello
Slightly Crunchy Mama
One Fish, Two Fish
Give Me Sunshine
A Drop in the Bucket

Feel free to pass this award along!


MELISSA said...

and i love you too my wonderful cousin! you would be sooo proud of me that i am in the process of becoming more crafty:)

Lara said...

Oh, thank you Lei! This made my day! :)