27 October 2010

Children's Legoman and Peacock Halloween costumes

I've been working tirelessly on 2 of my kids' halloween costumes.  We've been sick so it's worked out well... can't leave the house much.  Here's my progress so far.

For my 6 year old son, a construction legoman costume.  The head took some figuring out.  I've seen yellow buckets but I really wanted the round shape.  So I went with a hat box and covered it with yellow wrapping paper.  My husband still has to drill through the eyes I drew.  I've got a box for him to wear over the top half of his body, but it still needs to be spray painted blue.  He'll also wear a construction man's vest, yellow gloves, and hold a big hammer. He's going to wear regular old blue jeans on bottom because the thought of him wearing square cardboard legs conjures up visions of multiple injuries. ;)

My 4 year old daughter wanted to be a peacock this year.  I was so excited to put this one together.  I found the dress in the clearance section of Target... perfect color and perfectly frilly.  I added feathers for the tail, and a couple the the bodice, and a row to peek out under the ruffles.  I may add another layer of feathers on bottom, too.

She is so excited about this mask.  It was fun to embellish!  Final touch (not pictured) is a wand.  I found a stem with a peacock feathered ball on the end.

Are you making costumes this year?  What are you making and how's it coming?

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Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Loving the Lego man head. Is he going to have the weird "C" hands, too?

Lei said...

no, just yellow gloves... i thought about it though! he's an easily provoked child, however. :P

Sabra said...

that head looks great! And he can just run around with his hands in a C-shape...like my kid did for an entire soccer season in which he insisted he was a Lego minifig.

Victoria said...

Love that peacock- So adorable and the mask is amazing! Your kiddos must be blessed:)

Alyssa said...

Girl, you are genius! I love both of those, and that lego man head is fantastic. Seriously crafty!

KrissyL47 said...

Just curious, where did you get the peacock feathers? I love this idea!