10 August 2007

Woman to Woman

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We'll be discussing the next topic on August 14th, and here it is: dealing with aging parents. There are many women who still have one or both parents living. As our parents age and move into their 80s and 90s, they often need a family member to care for them. Are you currently the caregiver for a parent? Perhaps you are the caregiver for a beloved grandparent. What have you observed through this process and how have you worked this caregiving into your family life? What difficulties have you encountered, and how have you resolved them? What has been successful for you?

Stop by next Tuesday and share your insights, observations, concerns with us. There will be a place for you to sign your name and link us to your post on the subject. You'll also be able to visit other participant's via their links. And if you'd like a button to label your post or place in your sidebar, email myself or
Morning Glory.

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