09 August 2007

Fake it til you make it!

I love being a mother, but some days it might not be so obvious. I might be lucky to get out of bed before 9, feel snippy for most of the morning, and frequently "daze out". We all have days like this. You don't always have the 100% you wish to put into your job. Since there are no sick days or vacation days in the call of motherhood, here are some tips that will help you look like you've got it together when you don't.

1) Let a few things go. I always say, if my kids feel just as loved today as they did yesterday, then it is okay that we skipped baths, stayed in our pj's until 10 am and ate cookies much too early in the day.

2) Don't complain. The best way to mask your "off" day!

3) Stay organized (not a thing to let go). As tempting as it may be, don't let the kids run amok and wreck the house. That will just mean more work for you when you really need less.

4) Prioritize! Perhaps the dusting can slide, but if you don't spend time with your children, you'll really be feeling like a slacker.

5) Make an appearance... Whatever it is you're involved in: church, volunteer work, community, school, you may not be able to take on the next big project, but pop your head in and show your loyalty.

6) A few neurotic symptoms go a long way. It's no secret that motherhood pokes holes in your brain. In order to keep from letting things slip your mind, make LOTS of lists (and update those lists) and stay on top of your calendars!

7) Take a break. Prevent the overload. Call a sitter or arrange some time in the evening to get out of the house and catch your breath. You'll be much more likely to wake up feeling like your old self again. :)


Shelah said...

it sounds like you have a much better attitude about the three extra weeks of summer than I do.

my best tips-- turn off the tv (it's so tempting when you're feeling lazy just to let the kids vegetate, but it makes mine wild and makes me feel guilty) and get out of the house (a sure-fire mood-lifter for me)!

An Ordinary Mom said...

What great advice! Prioritizing, organizing, spending time with the kids and then taking a break yourself ... I need to do that last part more often :) !!

Kasie Sallee said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lei. They're all so good. I needed those reminders today.

MommyK said...

When I'm in a funk, it helps to just get out of the house. A trip to the library or park always makes me feel so much better! If the weather doesn't cooperate, we turn on loud music and dance until we're all laughing.

Also, I clean something everyday, and I have a basic schedule that I stick to (mop on Monday, dust and vacuum Tuesdays and Fridays, etc) and it helps me plan ahead. Doing a little something every day keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

Lucy said...

Lei - you inspire! You know how I envy you now. I actually totally agree with this post. I have to fake it...until I feel it. So, so true.

Michelle said...

Great post! I find that if I do #3 and #4, everything else falls into place. But as mothers we get sidetracked and try to do everything at once. This is a great reminder to help us refocus. Thank you. :)

Morning Glory said...

I'm faking it. Does it show?

utmommy said...

You always have such great ideas.

I definitly have to fake-it some days.

Leaving the house to go do something fun seems to work for me. I know all the stuff I need to do at home isn't going anywhere, so if I take a break it's okay. And, it puts me in a much better mood.

txmommy said...

don't forget smile.

I think it might actaully make you feel better, and I know it's less scary for the kiddlets :)