13 August 2007

5 things I am going to do for myself, starting now

It's been all about my kids all summer. They've had something to look forward to nearly every single day. We've been on vacation. Twice. Their adventures have been full, their need for popsicles fulfilled, and I think I see them sprouting fins. I feel like now, with school beginning so soon, I can focus on myself a little more. And I need to!

I've made a list of 5 things I plan on doing for myself:

1) Renew my exercising vows. I gave up on meeting the "workout 4 times a week" recommendation several weeks ago. I joined the Y at the beginning of the summer, and that went well until Sasha figured it all out ("When we come here, Mommy ditches me"). And with free childcare, they weren't real tolerant of her crying. Which is a shame, because my older 3 loved it and hated having to leave 20 minutes after we'd arrived. So, beginning the week school starts, I've got 10 sessions scheduled with a personal trainer. I do need to find a sitter for Drew and Sasha 2 mornings a week. I think I can manage an evening workout (dh can usually commit to being home at a decent time at least one night a week, lol) and have my 4th workout on Saturday mornings.

2) Eat what I like. I've been a plate cleaner this summer. I have enjoyed making the kids what they like to eat; they don't get hot lunches during the school year. But it hasn't left me with much desire to make myself a separate meal. So I eat what they don't. Or something really quick and easy. I am excited to eat all the things they turn their nose up at. Tuna salad, here I come!

3) Find some peace and quiet. Ah, every afternoon, from 1:30-3pm, my house will be completely quiet. Jonah is starting Kindergarten and he, like his older sister, will be in school all day. I cannot remember the last time I had a quiet afternoon? With my first, I suppose? I will finally take the advice I received 8 years ago at the start of this journey, and "rest when they rest". Or try to, anyway. I also need this peaceful time of day to recommit to personal scripture study.

4) Join a book club. I've got a few books I am dying to read and discuss with other women. "The Elephant in the Playroom" is at the top of my list! Again, not something I've done in several years. And I really,really miss it!

5) Finish some projects. There's a large unfinished painting, the white walls in our bedroom, and my daughter's half refurbished bedroom, to start with. I am sure I will uncover more once I begin the weeding process!

What's on your list?


P.S. - Don't forget Woman to Woman tomorrow!


Jen said...

I've heard nothing but good about the Elephant in the Playroom, for parents feeling like someone really understands what they are going through.

Have fun with your goals! You can come paint at my house too if you want...

Morning Glory said...

Those are all worthy goals. I hope you meet them. I wish I could wrap my mind around getting more organized. I've sort of floated through a very hot summer, and I just feel like a slug right now. I can't quite figure it out. Sigh.

Montserrat said...

You deserve doing these things for yourself! Right now I'm visiting my parents who always make me feel pampered. It's been so nice to relax, shop (with their money!), and rest.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I, too, have enjoyed my summer break, but I do find myself craving my old routines that I know so well.

What a great post. We all need to make time for ourselves so we have more to give.

I will have to check this Elephant book out. Surprisingly I have never heard of it.

Cmommy said...

May I copy your list?! Let's read something together!