22 May 2011

A few of my favorite things (right now)...

Wow.  13 days since I last blogged.  In that time frame I have had numerous photo shoots (mainly seniors hurrying to get their announcements out), my first wedding, the beginning of end-of-year school activities (I am room mom x 2), 2 birthdays, a visit from grandparents, illness and a travelling husband.  BUT things are slowing down.  I miss blogging.  Sigh.

To bring you up to speed I've got some pictures of a few goodies I've acquired recently - not only did I celebrate Mother's Day, but also my 36th birthday and a visit from my favorite shopping partner in crime, my mother-in-law.

My living room got 2 new color additions, that of a delicious rosette pillow from Target (top) and an almost forgotten corsage pillow I bought years ago at Cost Plus/World Market (below).  So glad I kept it around.

I've also stated a collection of architectural, chunky, pillar candle holders.   Hope to have a big jumble of them here one day.

One more new pillow from Target...

Check out this lovely that my brother/sister-in-law gave me for my birthday!  I love it so much.

I finally bought myself some converse.  I love them.  Even with all my Texas-sized jewelry.

And this is perhaps the creme de la creme of my recent finds.  Of course my lucky charm mother-in-law was with me... she usually is when I discover something BIG.  I have needed a desk - an actual desk - for my office ever since I redecorated it (HERE).  I had been sitting on a stool in front of an armoire banging my legs on drawers every, stinking, day, for months.  But I couldn't find anything I loved.  A short stop into Austin Consignment Shop and I stumbled upon this beauty... post 1950s (mid century modern) Steelcase desk.  I am in love with it.  It is in mint condition.  I don't think the guy realized what it was worth.  I came home and checked ebay for a ballpark figure.  There is an exact replica of this one currently going for over $900.  Guess how much I paid?  


Squueeeaaal!!!  All I need now is a hot pink office chair. ;)


Chris said...

SCORE!!!! I love the industrial but chic look of that desk. What a happy place to be working at.

Bria said...

Love that desk. And I also love the idea of the candle holders in front of the hearth! So cool!

Zoe said...

Ooooo. I love all of your treasures! I love the purple candle holder too!!! So cute! I also have some converse like yours, except gray, and I love them. But I will recommend not wearing them barefoot, as I have, cause then they get stinky! Just an FYI. LOL! I love the desk too, we actually have one similar in Asher's room, but not as mint or awesome as yours! Great minds Leilani, great minds... :)

Esther said...

I love your desk! Great find.

chrissy said...

Beautiful! I haven't "visited" in way too long. Teaching full day kindergarten kept me busy this year, but I hope to catch up with my blogpals this summer.

it is good to see your accomplishments; you are An inspiration!

Chrissy (singalullaby)