05 May 2011

Teacher Appreciation, Children are like cookies...

I literally threw this together at the last minute today.  But it came together so awesomely!

I got this from a friend YEARS ago.  If your LDS, this will make sense... we gave this away with some homemade cookies for a Stake Leadership Training meeting one year.  {I adapted it to say the following for my kids' teachers.}

Children are like cookies, they require certain ingredients and need to be baked.
However, they come in different textures and flavors...
Some are hard and need to be softened in milk.
Others are soft, chewy, and melt in your hands.
Some have little surprises tucked inside.
Some are rolled and cut into perfect little shapes.
Others are dropped in big spoonfuls but take a shape all their own.
They are all wonderful and delightful, each in their own way.
We just need to find out how to "eat them up"... with milk, one bite at a time, or gobbled all at once.  They are individuals, which makes them interesting and fun.  It is our job to savor each one, like a sweet mix of cookies in a jar.

Thanks for taking such great care of my "little cookie"!

I gave each of my kids' teachers' their favorite cookies and tied on a cute red polka dot ribbon, this quote and these darling printables from Dimple Prints.

How fun would it be to find miniature cookie jars for this?  Perhaps I will remember that for next year!


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

I LOVE this!! I am definitely saving this to my files. I can think of so many ways to use it. (New calling and my mind is already racing!) ;)

Do you have an author for the quote?

Lei said...

Sorry Tammy, author unknown. But it's been tweaked quite a bit.