21 November 2010

Give Thanks Banner

 Well, I think I'm all bannered out, now.  I'll wait until Valentine's to make any more. ;)

I loved the print out provided by At Second Street a couple weeks ago, and thought it would make a really fun miniature banner for my entry way.


scrapbook paper
ribbon scraps
hot glue
distressing ink

I reduced the size of the printable so that 2 letters would fit on a 4x6 size of scrapbook paper.  (Don't remember what % I set it at.)  After cutting my letters and distressing the edges, I hot glued each letter to the twine, leaving space in between each for embellishments.  Added pinwheels (formed from scrapbook paper) with a button hot glued to the center of each, and glued those in between the words "Give" and "Thanks".  Found some cute embellishing ribbon in the scrapbook section of Hobby Lobby and tied them on between the letters.  The buttons and ribbons helped weigh the banner down so that the letters don't flip around, which is nice.

Looks so cute in my entry way, don't you think?


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