02 November 2010

Lego Party!!!

Hey gals.  How was your weekend?  We had so much going on, but it was a really fun few days.  Especially after a week (and still going) of illness.  For Drew it was constant lego heaven.  You saw his Halloween costume, right?  Well he also had a lego birthday party.

As already posted, here is what the invitations looked like:

And here is the rest of the decor.  Paper plates are cheap, cute, and resemble lego studs on the walls and windows.  The circle shaped balloons were a must!

These bricks are actually juice boxes wrapped in construction paper and covered with foam dot stickers. Thought that up all by myself.  So proud. :)

I found the straw decorations here for free!

I got these fillable glass bricks at Hobby Lobby and filled them with green sixlets.

A simple banner made from white paper plates and Drew's name in a bonified lego font (called legothick).

I found all sorts of great lego art on google images by Nathan Swaya.

Drew's lego cake was made using vanilla oreos as studs.  A lemon cake and frosting mix were already yellow, so very little effort in finding the right color.

More paper plates on the front door! 

I found the minifig head printable here (GREAT site by the way, same one I used for the straw decorations)!

As guests arrived I had them create some lego art.  We branched out into a polka dot theme with the decorations, so there were sticker dots, and these fun marker dot pens and pom poms to create with (as well as some coloring pages I found on lego's website).

Once everyone had arrived and had a chance to make a picture, we sat down and played a game.  Each child got 5 lego pieces and formed a circle.  The first child had 10 seconds to build something with his 5 pieces and when the timer went off, they passed it to their right and that next child built upon the first child's creation with their 5 lego pieces, and so forth, until all the kids had added on their pieces.  It took a few tries for them to get it, but once they did they had a lot of fun.

For our next game we had a lego drop.  The kids formed 2 lines up in our balcony over the fawyer.  With 3 lego pieces each, they competed against one another to see which team could make the most legos fall into their bucket.

There are lots of great party ideas here.

Our last activity was the biggest hit, of course, and that was free play with all of Drew's legos.  Here they are with their proud creations.  

Drew blew the candles out on his cake and opened gifts before sending his guests home.

They each received these lego plate notebooks as a thank you for coming to his party.

The pencil toppers are just blown up versions of the straw decorations.  I got the idea for the notebooks from a craft show in Austin last Spring.  LOVED the idea so much that it was then and there that I knew I needed to convince Drew to have a lego party (which didn't take much).

I bought the plates and lego pieces from the "pick-a-brick" section of lego's website.  They are 18x18. Drilling holes in them was a cinch.  Binder rings are available at most craft stores or in bulk from home office supply stores.

Another great birthday party down.  I get a bit of a break now... next one won't be until April!  I'll be ready!

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Mary said...

Lov your new blog look! Great Party again Leilani!

Lei said...

Thank you Mary!

One Fish said...

This may be your best party yet!

Lei said...

thanks kerstin :)

brown paper packages said...

It's true. You are the queen of parties! This one is so fun--I must file it away for when my babes are bigger. And those lego notebooks...LOVE. I think Ryan would love it too!

Chris said...

Oh, this is such an amazing, thoughtful, fun party. You thought of every detail. I'm sure your son feels all that love, too.

utmommy said...

So cute! You have some of the best parties I've seen.

Somers said...

Kerstin's friend here! My boys are obsessed with legos, and I may have to use some of you very creative ideas sometime! The party looks like it was cute AND fun!

Lara said...

Everything is so amazing! I love the juice boxes especially.

You are the kind of birthday party mom I aspire to be. And my kids want me to be. I'm working on it, but I have a LOOOOOOOng way to go! Maybe next year! :)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I've kept this as unread in my reader until I had time to properly enjoy and comment. I LOVE it. SO fun. Boy parties seem to take a back seat, but not this one.

EmLouisa said...

I may be copying this in a couple of weeks for Aidan. Fun ideas!! I love it! TFS!!!

EmLouisa said...

I may be copying this in a couple of weeks for Aidan. Fun ideas!! I love it! TFS!!!

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

My son would FLIP over a lego party!! You did a great job. I love all the decorations.

~Allison @ House of Hepworths

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

I saw you on the birthday blog! this is such a fun party. so creative.

kathryn @ thedragonsfairytail.blogspot.com

Chiara said...

I also saw this on the birthday blog! What a fun mom you are. These colors are just fantastic, and it all looks like a normal mom could pull this together. (like me)!
I shared this great party on my Friday Favorites today. Thank you for the great ideas and photos. I bet Drew loved every minute of it!

Sonya Schroeder said...

The links to your printable s are not working, HELP!! Party is tomorrow and finishing up today.... Please email at becomingawomanofgod@gmail.com


mclarkak said...

love your party ideas! so creative! I am having trouble getting to the downloads you used though, do you happen to have any of the printables you used available? or know how to get a hold of them? thanks for your help! Melissa (mclarkak@yahoo.com)

Jen Barnes said...

I love the party ideas. The notebook is so cute! I cannot get to your straw download either. If you could email me the link that would be great!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the party too. My son wants a lego party as well but like the others I can't get the straw to download. could u email me the link please. Slkliniske@yahoo.com