12 November 2009

the sewing table

First of all, thanks to all the newbies visiting my site via brown paper packages. This little blog hasn't seen that much action in a while... since back when I posted nearly every day and commented on about 100 blogs a week! Seasons change. The popularity of my blog posts on the birthday parties I do has had me thinking, though... I just might publish a book of my ideas one day. How fun would that be?


A few weeks ago I revealed that I was turning my dining room into a craft room. I've been slowly chipping away at it. Yesterday I finished the big feature in the room, a sewing table. Now I don't sew. Not yet anyway. So ignor the dinosaur sitting on top of said sewing table. It was my mother's. Let's just focus on the table, shall we? Which was the ingenius collaboration of my very handy friend Tannie and I.

These drawers have been sitting in my garage for years now. They were part of a bureau, which then became a TV stand, the holes where the drawers used to be now housing our electronics (DVD player, cable box, etc.). I just knew there was a use for the drawers though - some how, some way. I thought maybe window boxes would be cute. Then end tables. And finally, this sewing table. But I am NOT handy (this is where Tannie comes in) and so I inquired how it could possibly be done. An hour later - I kid you not - I had this table. It was so easy. I went to Home Depot, I bought some legs and fixtures, came home and screwed it all together. By myself. Just like that. Amazing.


One unique feature is that I turned one drawer upside down to function as a desk surface, while the other is right side up - so that it can hold notions like thread, buttons, etc. This room is tiny so I need all the storage space I can get. Plus this is cute, with the jars and my files of ideas in the one side. I am still planning to design some labels for the tops of the jars.


The side that is upside down needed some reinforcement in order to support the weight of a sewing machine, so I had some wood cut to size and nailed and wood glued it over the base of the drawer. Now it is completely sturdy.

Finished up with some stain yesterday and voila. LOVE IT!

More to come on the craft room...


Tigersue said...

I miss seeing you around. Then again, I'm not around so much myself.
Times have changed, life goes on.

Shellie said...

I like that! What a great table.

mommynoodles said...

That's a clever idea.I was studying the first pic.,and I wonder if you could have did wood all the way across w/ hinges.Making it like a lift top or still doing that just for the jar side.That would give you more room to work,but then your files would need a new home. lol Always something.


Lei said...

That's a good idea Natalie. Hmmm...

Yvonne said...

I think a book sounds like a fabulous idea.

I always love reading your blog--always great things. The table looks great.

Stevi said...

That is an awesome idea! I'm so in love with it! I'm a little obsessed with storing things in jars...so that could be it :)

angelina said...

while i could never use mason jars for storing items: they are much busier doing what they intended, holding food! i love the idea of turning the dining room into the sewing room....i'm gonna roll with that!