12 September 2009

Remember my dining room?

It was one of the first rooms I had planned out when we began building our new house. I was especially sure of the wall color I wanted - an almost Tiffany blue. The general inspiration for the room came from an Interior Design book called Modern Country, which displayed an old farm table with a black and white gingham table cloth and these fabulous, antiqued turqouise-ish chairs.

It all turned out beautifully, with very little money spent. I already had the table, a nice black armoire to compliment the Tiffany blue walls and achieve the same color scheme as in the book, and some accessories (a toile tablcloth, an old wreath to go over the knobs on the armoire). Really, all I bought was a centerpiece for the table, a mirror for the wall, and some curtains.

This is one of the first rooms you see when you walk into the house. It has a large arched entrance and therefore a lot of presence. Easily my favorite room in the house. But after living here for a year we began to realize what an inefficient use of space it was. The only times we were using it was when we had company to impress or for birthday parties. My husband hinted to me that we might consider changing the use of the space. Which made me really sad at first. But I am all about efficinecy so it made sense to me as well.

It then occurred to me how useful a craft room would be for me. I was currently using my kitchen counter for my projects... sitting on a stool, banging my legs into my cabinets, getting bits of glue all over the same area I made my kids' sandwiches every morning. I wanted, if I could, to keep the same color scheme, although one doesn't usually think of classy/traditional colors like this when it comes to a funky/creative space. The current trend errs more on the side of aqua blues and yellows and pinks. Couldn't have a pink room right there in the front of my house, sorry. I already have quite a bit of yellow in the main area of my house. And aqua was so close to what I already had it was pointless to change it. So I worked with the current color after all. And voila! Here is a sneak peek at the almost end product!


I will feature some of the details in the coming weeks. There are still a lot of finishing touches to be done... the sewing table (which I made from 2 old drawers!) needs to be stained, it needs a stool, and I have to finish some mod podge words for my wall ("inspire" and "create"). I also need to organize the inside of the armoire for all my craft supplies. It is an entertainment unit, so that huge space behind the doors is just that, a huge inefficient space. It needs shelves and drawers and stuff. Container Store here I come!!!


Char said...

Yay! So excited to see more! Thanks for the peek!

Anne said...

love it!

Lara said...

Wow...you've totally inspired me about my craft room/office.

LOVE the drawer sewing table idea. So smart!

Michemily said...

That blue is just lovely.