17 November 2009

Don't forget about Thanksgiving

We all know how it goes, Halloween segues into Christmas with hardly a nod for Thanksgiving. That's the inspiration behind this project. And I love how it turned out!



Does it make me a bad mom that I swiped the burlap from a stack of make-up work I received for Sasha (who yes, is in preschool). Lol! She was supposed to decorate it with fall leaves and twigs and stuff. Fun, but obviously my idea was better. ;)

The burlap is just wrapped around a dowel over the top. I hot glued the ribbon on - a know is tied on each end to help it look for finished since the ends are showing.

As for the turkey, I used a Martha Stewart cookie cutter as my template. I traced it with a brown sharpie right onto the material. That is why my frayed edges have a burnt look to them. Love that. And I used a snippet of ribbon for the label, which says "Remember".

My scanner is having issues, but I will add the template for the turkey later, should any of you lovely ladies like to make this super easy project for yourself!


Terresa said...

Love the use of burlap in this. It gives it a texture and look that is lovely and Thanksgivingy. The perfect nod to Turkey Day.

Amber said...

Get Your Craft on, indeed. I seriously LOVE it! You should go into business.

shabbyscraps said...

reading through your post I noticed you have a child named sasha as well! Love the burlap, no need to justify swiping it!
xoxo, Tiffany