23 November 2009

Craft Partay!

On Saturday night I invited a few friends over to make these darling advent calendars (thanks Courtney!).  We had so much fun gabbing and eating and sharing scrapbook paper.  And listening to Christmas tunes (hey, so I was ready a little early this year!).

For this project you will need:

24 paper machie boxes, 2x3 in. each
scrapbook paper
mod podge
cricut numbers, or vinyls, or stamps
magnets (strong ones!)
hot glue
ink pad
a magnetic board for display

Trace your lids onto your scrapbook paper and cut out.  Trying to keep like patterns and shapes apart is tricky.  So I also made sure my numbers were different looking from one box to the next.  Some of them were cut from a piece of scrapbook paper that had numbers on it., some were cricuts in different fonts.  Mod pdoge your covers onto the lids.  Let dry.  Ink your edges (with a stamp pad).  I went with a copper color to tie in the color of the paper boxes, and add a little sparkle.  You could also paint the sides of your boxes red, green or even black, and ink your edges in black or silver.  The possibilities are endless!  Let the ink dry while you coordinate all your numbers.  Apply the numbers with (you guessed it) more mod podge.  Let dry.  Go over the edges with ink one more time.

This project can be pricey. I got the boxes in sets of 6 from this site: http://www.createforless.com/Craft+Pedlars+Paper+Mache+Box+Bitty+Assorted+Kraft+6pc/pid152491.aspx?SI=33900f50-63d1-4925-84a7-a203414da727. The paper is cheap, unless you want every box to be different. But even then you use so little to cover each box. The magnetic board can be one you already have, so you can get multiple uses out of it. That is what I did - this chalkboard is on my wall year round. You can make your own with wood and galvanized sheet metal from the hardware store. Probably the most economical way to go. Or buy unfinished frames and back with the galvanized sheet metal, or a board sprayed with magnetic spray paint... I even saw some magnetic metal boards at IKEA for only $12.99. They come in white and red. Not as rustic looking, but still cute I think, especially if you want a more mod look.

Note that the boxes are SMALL. That is so they fit on a manageable size board (mine is 22x22, I would think 16x20 would be the smallest you could go with the small sized boxes). If you get the next size up you will need a really large board to stick them on.

Since the boxes need to be small they will only fit items like individual pieces of candy, coins, or stickers. You could also roll up scriptures on tiny pieces of paper if you want to add a religious touch. One of my friends suggested a scavenger hunt.  You could roll up little hints and place them in each of the boxes to lead the family to bigger items, or even just one big gift at the end of the month.  I checked out the party bin at WalMart (by the pinatas) and found several small trinkets that would work - parachute jump figurines, glow in the dark stars, rings...  Any dollar store would also have good stuff I am sure.

... Enjoy!!!

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Anne said...

i love this! and i am totally doing it. so my problem is when i try to click on your pictures to enlarge them it always sends me to photobucket but i don't know where to find your pictures and i can't spy properly if i can't see your pictures bigger...especially on this one...i want to see every detail! and i love your background. i am in the process of sprucing up my blog and i have one of her backgrounds, too.

Mary said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Can't wait for our next project.

Lei said...

Anne - I will email you the full size!

Thanks again for all your help Mary. :)

Shell said...

so cool fun project!

Diane Costanza said...

I have been looking at all the advent calendar ideas in blogland and this is my favorite by far! Thanks so much for posting it.

Janet said...

so, so cute!

Erin said...

sure wish i lived in texas! love it! and you inspired me to update my blog too, love the new look.

The Girl Creative said...

Thanks for linking up with "Just Something I Whipped Up". Great idea for an Advent Calendar. :)

Amber said...

You forgot the last step: INVITE LEI OVER TO DO IT FOR YOU. :-)

Love them!

utmommy said...

Super cute!!! I might have to do this.

txmommy said...

love them! so cute!!

Yvonne said...

That is so cute. I LOVE IT.

Dina said...

Hi, just over from your comment @ sorta crunchy and must say...I love this advent calendar!! I was a little behind finishing mine for it to be of any use this year but maybe, just maybe I'll start this one so I'll be ahead of the game next year!

Katie said...

I love it and I'm so sad I missed it. Thank you so much for saving my boxes for me. Your advent calendar is adorable! I love it and I'm making mine today. I can't wait for the next craft night.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Now thats my kind of advent calendar! So so so stinkin cute {and usually I don't like these}. Great job, thanks for sharing!