13 September 2007

13 things on my "to do" list

get off my rear
purge closets
thin out furniture
organize a garage sale
fine comb the house for fix-its and repairs
deep clean
refine landscaping
get creative with house selling strategies (should I bake cookies or light candles for the open house?)
keep the house clean 24/7 (in other words, attain the impossible?)
truly envision what I want the interior of our new home to look like
keep end goal in mind
stay sane

Now if I could find 13 volunteers to help me?


Morning Glory said...

I'm really good with yard sales, but I won't be in Texas until the end of the month.

Lisa said...

I'll volunteer some family members...but they aren't so close so that probably won't work.

However, skip the cookies, light the candles or plug in some scented things. You will be trying to keep everything picked up on open house day.--just my two cents.

Yvonne said...

Don't you just LOVE moving??? I'm with Lisa--skip the cookies, the candles will do just fine. Trying to keep the house "spotless" was enough of a job for me, I would have never been up to cookies ; )

I love the last on your list--for me that would be "the impossible" right along with keeping the house clean 24/7.

CHEL said...

Definitely thin out the house and clear out storage areas... that will help with the selling... although, thinking of you, I'm sure your house is show ready without doing anything!

I'd love an excuse to go to Austin. I've always wanted to move there.

Lara said...

I especially like get off my rear and stay sane.

Those are on my list every single day.

Good luck!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Stay sane ... which means light candles so you have one less thing to worry about :) !! You could always buy a yummy food smelling candle!

Our Family of Five said...

lol.... you and me both! I need tons of volunteers.

Love the list, and LOVE the music. :) Blessings to you today, Lynn

Emily said...

I vote for the candle too. Good luck! I would love to help if I was closer.

Nettie said...

Don't you love moving? I can just feel the excitement in the air! ; )

Lammy said...

Love the list....relate to the moving mess....
Hang in there!
PS: New blogspot!

Amber said...


You know my vote. :-)

smart mama said...

hey i do the cheater trick- put vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spcie on a wax paper in the oven- make it smell like pie but without the work...the spotless part- nightmare!!!