06 June 2007

Who needs a dog when we have Drew?

My children (and husband) have been begging me for a puppy for a long time now. I am not really a dog person, and can hardly fathom the idea of taking care of anyone/thing else right now. So I've had jurisdiction in this decision. After recent events, I believe I also have reason on my side.

My 31 month old Drew is 36 lbs. and 3 feet tall. Bigger than your average "puppy". He's always been a great eater. Rarely turns his nose up at anything. Vegetables included. His siblings, however, will often leave a few bites behind on their plates, with the intent of finishing once they become hungry again. But they do not always get that chance, as Drew often sneaks back into the kitchen (the instant I become distracted) and laps up their remainders in seconds flat.

Just this afternoon I came downstairs to find my little Drew eating tiny popcorn pieces and half popped kernels off the floor. I found it endearing. I know that he feels left out of our afternoon ritual of popping corn (which always happens during his naptime), and I feel badly about that. But I also found it funny, because the similarities between this little four-legged housekeeper of mine and the puppy which everyone in my house begs for is uncanny.

#1 - We are currently potty training (I SO do not want to add to that stress - dogs are probably even harder to teach than humans - given that they do not find much value in sticker charts). #2 - he currently answers to the ever popular dog name "Bruiser" (see forehead for details).
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#3 - he affectionately burrows himself into you when he wants to play.
#4 he loves to chase the cat.
#5 - he nips.

Does that not seal the deal? I think the only thing that might be in a puppy's favor is the fact that he will probably learn to "sit!" much more quickly. Bruiser's been working on THAT one for quite some time now, and I don't see the formulation of an obedience school for toddlers anytime soon.


Our next Woman to Woman will take palce on June 12th. The topic is "Having the latest baby everything", which will be particularly relevant to today's young mothers. There is such a variety of baby products available in stores that it can be overwhelming. Add to that the pressure you often feel from your peers to have the latest and greatest of baby equipment. Add to that still the bombardment of products that promise to make your baby smarter, faster. When you want to be hip AND have those things that make mommying a little easier, how do you keep from breaking the budget?

For those women who are past the child-raising stage, do you have difficulty with these pressures in wanting to provide the "goodies" for the grandchildren? Do you see them as a hindrance towards a child's natural ability to develop? What were some ways that you were able to achieve similar benefits without all the bells and whistles?


Jen said...

Oh, he's adorable! I love the curls.

Since I have both puppies & a toddler, I can definately say puppies are easier to housetrain. They can be locked in a kennel and they won't soil their bed.

Scribbit said...

Our family is weird in that none of us ever had dogs. Not my parents, none of their six children, not my husband, not my grandparents. It's like we're just an American anonmaly. Then what happens, my youngest sister gets married and first thing goes out and buys a dog. It's such a normal thing to do but so odd in this family that everyone just sat back and stared :)

It's really kind of funny how weird we are that a puppy makes big news.

Morning Glory said...

He's cuter than any puppy ever could be!!

Tracey said...

My kids would love a dog, too. NOT!!! Never. Well, not while we have little kids, at least. I have enough poop and pee to clean up as it is.

utmommy said...

I'm so NOT a dog person either. I think Bruiser is way cuter than any dog you'll ever get!!

Sunny said...

Sounds like you already have all the benefits of a puppy anyways ;) Besides, no puppy is as cute as those curls!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

As much as I love animals and puppies and even though I begged my parents for one when I was little and they complied, toddlers and puppies don't mix. I agree wholeheartedly with your wisdom on the matter :) !!

Anna Maria Junus said...

Hang tough on this. You're brusier is better than any puppy. Plus a puppy grows up to be a dog, yet Bruiser could grow up to be anything.

And puppies don't make you grandparents, and they're not very handy later on for moving furniture or mowing the lawn.

Lei said...

Anna - I am not able to visit your blog! Any idea why?