08 March 2006

Wild Card Wednesday

Today's Wild Card Wednesday comes to you from my friend and neighbor Brooke. It is so off the wall, so perfect for Wild Card Wednesday, I have anxiously awaited blogging about it all week.

Have you ever heard of MMS, or Monthly Male Syndrome? Yes, ladies, men appear to have a cycle... their hormones rise and fall in roughly a 30 day rhythm just like women! They have an emotional cycle that also falls into a month to 6 week pattern. According to one researcher's findings, men tend to be more apathetic and indifferent during the low period of their emotional cycles and more likely to magnify small problems into big ones. During the high period of their cycles, men have more energy, a greater sense of well-being, lower body weight, and less need for sleep.


There is also a rise and fall in sperm count! That's a good thing to know.

Pheromones could be part of the cause for other similarities like mood change, bloating, sensitivity and cravings. That's a two way street, my friends.

And this gets better.

In older men, a condition called "andropause" is known as the male menopause, also distinguished by a sudden drop in hormone levels, although without a clear-cut signpost like the cessation of menstruation but more of a cessation of the sexual function (along with the stereotypical irritability and depression).

Learning is great, isn't it? Oh the things you discover. Can't wait to see the look on my husband's face the next time he gets moody and I say to him "What's the matter, honey? Feeling hormonal?", batting my eyelashes innocently.



Rachelle said...

I've long suspected such a cycle in men. Now I know it's true!

smartmama said...

hmmm- interesting- i remember my hs history teacher mr mehlbach (also psych teacher) telling us that men have a "daily" cycle... No fair they can always pawn off just that time of the day

ShelahBooksIt said...

but I'm sure they'd never own up to it in the way I milk my PMS for chocolate.

Lauren said...

Wht wasn't your blog nominated for Learn Something New Everyday? Or was it? :)

Lei said...

actaully... most thought provoking... but I like to break up the monotony of serious thoughts with craziness from time to time :P

or maybe i should shoft my focus now? lol

emlouisa said...


Moonface said...

That explains a lot!

Sunny said...

No wonder my DH steals my chocolate, ROFL!