17 March 2006

New look, same great stuff!

You'll all have to excuse the CONSTRUCTION ZONE here... I am playing around with my template thanks to a little (okay, a lot of) help from Kristi over at A Beautiful Mess. I realize it still needs some work. You'll get to see quite a progression, I can assure you. ;) But just so I don't leave you completely thoughtless today...

It is Spring Break for us. With me being down, we have had to be very creative with our indoor time. Yesterday we had a camp-in (opposite of camp-out). The kids have a small indoor tent from IKEA that they adore. So we pulled it out and had some good old fun. They had hot dogs for lunch, we made sock puppets for our "camp craft" and then ate smores from under the broiler last night before bed with Daddy.
I got this FASCINATING picture of my daughter's loose tooth. Looks like it's about to fall out, doesn't it? Or shoved out by the new monster sized permanent tooth coming in. I'm thinking that thing isn't going to leave much room for the others. :S

Anyway - the snaggle tooth - she won't touch the thing. She eats around it, sucks her thumb around it, avoids breathing on it probably. Her first 4 fell out by accident... she bit into something and out they flew. Now she's wisened up and is really favoring this one. Makes me think back to my childhood and the things that bothered me. I remember sitting down one day and making a list of things I was worried about. I was maybe 8 years old. Can you believe it? What a testament to who I'd become, lol. (That would be a very particular and introspective, but fun-loving gal, thank you very much :)). Anyway, the list - if I remember correctly - had things on it like learn to ride my bike, PULL OUT MY TOOTH, try harder not to yap with my neighbor in math class, etc., etc. Lol! So, while I've been giving her a bit of grief about getting that snaggle tooth out of her mouth, I have to remember how much the very same thing stressed me out when I wasn't much older.

Because I am so crazy in love with my kiddos, I decided to take a bunch of pictures this morning to commemorate our fun week. Hence the collage.

Oh, and here's a few of their funnies from the week as well!

Adriana: Mom, I'll have H-two-O with my lunch today.

Me: Love you, Jonah Bear! Jonah: I like you, too, Mom.

Drew: Ducka-ducka-ducka.

Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Kristen said...

I was terrified of losing my teeth when I was a kid. I wouldn't touch them, wouldn't let my parents touch them. I let them get so loose that they finally just fell out when I breathed on them. I can relate. :-) Now my step-son is going through the same thing.

kfk said...

Boy that swollen gum looks PAINFUL! Looks like the tooth fairy will be visiting my daughter this weekend as well. If it were up to me, I'd yank it right out, but she takes her time and wiggles it gently. They'll all come out in due time I guess. Have a great weekend and love the new look!

kfk said...

OH, thanks for the kudos!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics!
hope u are feeling ok?? maybe i should start one of these blog things?? but dont know what id write about yet...? work is fine, etclol!...love, mel

emlouisa said...

Ouch! I would be tempted to rip the tooth out myself, probably causing major trust issues for the rest of my kid's life.

I'm liking the new background. Loving the colors! The part where the words are is a little hard to read though because of the pattern. Sorry! You know I love you though.

Lee said...

WOW what a good Mommy you are!! Just pull the tooth in her sleep.. lol.. Maybe she would sleep through it?

Tigersue said...

LOL, she is nothing like my son that after having a tooth really hurt, it was coming out with a root still there, the dentist taught him how to wiggle it out. He has done that will every tooth since, so the new ones take forever to come in!