22 March 2006

Wild Card Wednesday - dreamy jobs

Last Saturday I went shopping for makeup. I just love pouring over all the brilliant colors. More than that, I love to see what their names are... oodles, stormy, riches, decadent. What a fun job, I thought... naming makeup colors! I could totally do that! Then I thought about that guy that names the OPI nailpolish colors. Can you imagine the laughs they have in that office? "I'm not really a waitress" (aka Hooker Red). Hahaha!

You know what else I think I'd be good at? Entrepreneuring. Inventing. I've had some brilliant ideas, I must say. Now don't anyone go stealing them, okay? :P I have an obsession few people understand. Gift wrapping. I put A LOT of time and effort into it. Oy, you should see me at Christmastime. Nobody wants to open my presents, lol! They get photographed first! Seriously, though, presentation is as important as what's inside the box. So, my idea is to open a business called "That's a Wrap" and get paid to wrap other people's Christmas gifts. I'd be in heaven. Really. Wire, beads, buttons, wallpaper, ribbon, magazine ads, it's all just waiting to be used on somebody's gift. Tell me some folks wouldn't just love to drop of their gifts after buying them and get them back all pretty and shiny and artsy and ready to be placed under the tree. No all-night-wrapping-fests. You'd pay for that,wouldn't you?

As far as inventions go, I am driven by the convenience factor, as are many other aspiring creators. My first idea, a cordless hairdryer. Not a teeny tiny, do it in your car on the way to work, batteries will run out in 10 minutes, cordless dryer. A full duty one that can be charged for hours of use. In your bathroom. Does anyone else get extremely annoyed with their hairdryer cords? Do they get wound and kinked up all the time like mine?! And does the plug come out if you chance to vear too far away from the outlet during your hairstyling dance? So you have to stand right next to the wall, knocking your elbow on it over and over and over. Talk about grrrr! What if your outlet isn't on the right side of you body? Like if you're right handed and the outlet is on your left? Some mornings it's like a game of Twister just to do my freaking hair! This product would be a booming success. I just know it.

Next - a VCR, DVD and stereo system that has a locking feature. My curious little 17 month old is very much into buttons. So we are constantly keeping him away from the buttons on our electronics. We have tried placing chairs in front of our system, but that's so hideous looking. I am one of those that hates for a room to look like it's being held captive by your toddler. Bars over windows and pillows duct taped to sharp edges and corners? Not for me. We've also tried cutting plexiglass to slide in front of our electronics, creating a blocking window. There is a bar between the two holding compartments and an indentation along the sides where the plexiglass fits perfectly and snugly. I thought for sure that would be a winner. I even bought special plexiglass cleaner to keep it shiny-looking. But he cracked it in two with the mere tap of a toy. I know there are some plastic cover-type gadgets out there you can get. I've got one. But it came in one size only and isn't long enough for our VCR/DVD player. Plus it attaches with stickers or something ridiculous like that and wouldn't last longer than plexiglass, not in my house. So, really, the only option left unexplored is a locking feature on your remote. Wouldn't that be fabulous? I'm telling you, I am ON to something!

So, do you have brilliant ideas just waiting to escape your little head? Do share!


Kristen said...

Oh I sooo love all your invention ideas...and I would be the first in line at your gift wrapping store. Every Christmas Eve I am up til 2 a.m. wrapping presents. So tired am I by Christmas morning that I can't even enjoy the unwrapping of the presents I worked so hard to make beautiful.

My invention idea: Rear light flashers. Y'know, when someone is driving behind you at night, and they have their brights on and they are blinding you through your rear view mirror, you can flash them from behind to alert them to turn off the dang brights!!

Zoe said...

I think that you should open a wrapping store!! You would make bank!! :)

My invention-because we live in dry old Utah, is a shower that sprays lotion or oil after you are done washing your body. I know that that poses a problem for a messy shower but it would save so much time getting ready!

I like Kristen's idea!

smartmama said...

you shoud get together with shelahs mom- master wrapper--

i am still trying to get venture capital for my self cleaning house

ShelahBooksIt said...

Great inventions. I have cordless hair clippers and they're great-- so why not cordless blowdryers.

I had forgotten all about the fingers in the dvd player. Either we're not there yet or Isaac has mercifully skipped that stage.

Peach said...

Love the inventions and am totally with you on working for OPI. So fun!!

lazymama said...

I love your ideas! You should apply to that new invention show!