27 March 2006

Dos and Don'ts

Ever read the dos and don'ts section of Glamour magazine? DO wear heels with jeans, but DON'T tuck your jeans into your socks... I can usually say "duh!" to the don'ts, but I'm not always sure of the dos.

Today my high risk pregnancy counselor and I reviewed some dos and don'ts. DO nap whenever possible. DON'T be tempted to run the vacuum cleaner over the living room "real quick". DON'T haul laundry up and down the stairs. DO make piles and let your hubby take them up or down when he gets home. In this case, I often find myself justifying the don'ts.

Life is full of dos and don'ts... and some are certainly harder to accept than others. Ever wish your life came with a dos and don'ts list? It would make things easier to know, black and white, what to and what not to do. But the lessons learned by trial and error are too valuable (and sometimes too funny).

I can't supply you with your dos and don'ts list, since there are different dos and don'ts for each of us, but I will share what I've come up with this week (and not just based on my pregnancy, but life in general). Maybe I'll keep this thing going. Who knows. Might help someone else out one day.

DO consider the advice of others.
DO give the benefit of the doubt.
DO trust your instincts.
DO ask for help when you need it.
DO wear that crazy skirt in your closet if you love it.
DO let your kids be kids (even messy, silly ones) and DO laugh with them about it.
DO open your mouth when you have something to say.
DO try something new once in a while.
DO something nice for yourself once a week.
DO put a sign over your doorbell that says Please knock, baby sleeping! (how is that I just learned this one not 5 mintues ago?!?!)

DON'T fear.
DON'T worry.
DON'T forget your promises (otherwise DON'T make them :)).
DON'T give into "the easy way".
DON'T relive your mistakes.
DON'T try to be someone you're not.
DON'T let a day go by without telling your kids/family how much you value them.
DON'T fret over what you can't help.
DON'T leave the maple syrup within reach of your toddler's high chair :).

As always, feel free to add yours in your comments!


Zoe said...

I love your list Lei. I have learned a lot of Do's and don'ts throughout my life. Most of them in college! he he!

Here are a couple of mine

Do take naps when you can
Don't feel guilty about it

Do try your best
Don't compare your self to others

Do eat when you are hungry
Don't weigh yourself!

Okay, that last one is only for pregnancy!!

lazymama said...

My favorite would be: DO take naps!
Thats my favorite thing to do...but i never seem to have the time and my kids can't be bribed enough at their age! Oh well.

Carrie said...

I ditto the do take naps, too.:) Take it easy. It is hard going through a high-risk pregnancy or pregnancy period especially with other young children to take care of. I have placenta previa during my last pregnancy and had many restrictions, but I tried to focus on what I could do and I have a wonderful helpful hubby as I am sure you do, too.:)

Stacy said...

You are always so inspiring! Thank you for that list! I'll think if I have any more to add...

emlouisa said...

Loving it, as always.

No advice today though..I'm all tapped out, lol.

Rachelle said...

What a great list!

Nutella said...

I am late but here are mine:

Do buy a new bra if you need one.
Don't accept every tablecloth/knick knack your grandmother-in-law offers you. She will not die of heartbreak if you say you have enough.

ShelahBooksIt said...

I love your list and wish I lived it better!

smartmama said...

when a child with and color of stuff running out of their nose is in the same space as your kids-- DO pick up your kids and RUN!!

Maine Mom said...

I love the list!
Here are a few more...

Do sleep in when possible
Do enlist your children to help around the house
Do something for yourself when your children are napping or outside playing (as mine are doing right now!)
Do go out with your spouse frequently...with no children!

Don't be quick to anger
Don't let a day go by without telling your children/spouse you love them
Don't eat as many times in a day that your children eat!

Kristen said...

Those are so great! I have to remind myself every day about the "Do let your kids be kids". I find it hard to forget sometimes that they WILL be messy, and that it is easy to clean up a mess, but they will only be kids for a short time. Thanks for this gentle reminder! :-) Great list! (p.s. it took me until just a few weeks ago to learn about the doorbell sign...and even then it doesn't always work!!)

Tigersue said...

Great list Lei, I would also add, Do laugh often and frequently and with great joy. Do enjoy a sunset and a sunrise. Do something good for someone everyday, even a smile and hello counts. Do listen to good music

Don't blame others for your problems.

The Daring One said...

Do inspire people with your blog. Do have the cutest profile picture on the internet.

Don't gossip, ever.

Do be honest with yourself about the motivations behind everything you do.

owlhaven said...

Great list!

Mary, mom to many