10 April 2011

Rock and Roll Tee

Oh my word.  What a week I have had.  First of all, Austin allergies are BRUTAL.  Armpit of the world when it comes to allergens.  So I've been dealing with that... I came down with a lovely sinus infection mid-week, but I'm feeling somewhat normal again now that I've got some antibitoics in my system.  I haven't had to go to the dr. for any kind of illness in over 2 years!  Also, my husband has been travelling a ton. It's really hard to be sick when you are a single parent!  So - all that going on and I'm in the middle of super busy portrait season... families want their pictures done before it gets (too) hot.  Seniors are scrambling to get their senior pictures done for graduation announcements.  You get the picture.  Stressed-I-am.  My eye has been twitching all week and I feel like a crazy lady who belongs in a movie about a crazy lady.

We are home from church today because we've had Fifth Disease at our house. (You thought I was done!)  I don't know who's gonna break out next, so the 2 healthy kids are home with me today.  Did you know that with Fifth Disease you are contagious BEFORE the rash appears?  How annoying is that? 

Anyway, I thought I might catch up on my blogging this afternoon.  You know, since I'm finally sitting down.  Lol!  And since I've got a couple projects I haven't blogged about yet!

After I entered I am Momma's "Let's Hear it For The Boys" t-shirt contest my other son started bugging me to make him a tshirt too.  He's 8, almost 9, so coming up with a concept for a painted tee that wasn't too juvenile for him was a challenge.  But I did it. 
 And he loves it.

{Rock on, dude}

Want to know how I made it?  OK!

solid tee
Scribbles 3D paint
Tulip Soft fabric paint
freezer paper
exacto knife
s-e-i iron on art
t-shirt board

I found this fun houndstooth print iron on art first.

It had a rock-n-roll vibe to it so that got the juices flowing for me.  My son loves fast cars.  My first thought was to have something car and rock related... but I didn't know how that would come together.  I started googling key phrase in google images and somehow stumbled upon this logo:

Copyrighted, but perfect since I was changing it and making it my own!  So I figured out which part I wanted to be iron on and which part I wanted painted, and got to work.

You guys remember the freezer paper tutorial I copied from Char?  I blogged about it HERE. I had to dissect my image above and I created a whole wheel for the fabric paint and separate wings for the iron on. 

I painted my wheel first and let it dry.  Then added the iron on wings.  The iron on instructions were easy to follow and it adhered SO WELL.  Haven't washed it yet, though.

The rest of the detailing just took a little improvising. 

I used the Scribbles 3D to paint some similar tread action on the wheel, some spoke action on the hubcaps and a little trailwind action behind the wheel. 

Final touch? I wrote rock and roll along thetop of the wings and down on the "road".

I made a cute t-shirt for my youngest daughter too... think Laverne and Shirley. I'll be back with that one in a day or two!  

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Megan said...

what a great idea. it looks amazing. I will have to look for some of that awesome houndstooth iron on...


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

You did a great job! Thanks for sharing this with me. I've never seen patterned transfer paper like that. Cool! I love how you used it too. Way to go! Have a great day.