18 April 2011

HELLO! (Hello, hello...)

I'm slackin' here!  I've been little crazed these last couple weeks.  Just trying to keep up with everything and you all know the rest from my last couple posts.  But one thing I've realized in the last few days is, THERE REALLY IS TOMORROW.  Ha!  You know the saying - "There's always tomorrow." - right?  Well I've never really accpeted that.  Actually, at one point in my life I did, but that was in high school when procrastination was pretty typical.  I grew out of that into this wound up person that was afraid to let too much time lapse on ANYTHING.  And of course that leaves one stressed out pretty much all. the. time.  Not to mention unable to deal with life's curve balls.  It's always taken something BIG to get me to slow down.  A knee injury tipped me off that I was spending way too much time on my treadmill.  A house flood hinted to me that I *might* not be taking enough time to be grateful for my many blessings.  Other such events force me to carve time out for myself or my family and you get the picture.  SO - there actually IS a tomorrow.  And it actually IS ok to leave something until then.  And so my priorities are lining up a little more nicely these days (hope it lasts).  Not that my blog here isn't a priority (don't worry, this isn't a dramatic exit announcement, lol)... but it's not going anywhere. And I can post about the fun camera charm necklace I'm making tomorrow.  Or the next day, even! And that's ok. ;)

I DO want to thank Stacy at The Birthday Blog again however before I go.  She's featured 3 of my birthday parties in the last week!!!  Thanks so much, Stacy!  You can see the Rockstar Party, Fancy Nancy Party and Lego Party at The Birthday Blog if you missed them here the first time!  And my 12 year old had a birthday this past week, and yes she had a party... her LAST formal birthday party until she turns 16.  We kept it pretty simple (you know teenagers), but it was still so. much. fun!  I've pictures to show... TOMORROW maybe! ;)

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