04 April 2011

If you hang it, it will come... BLOOM banner!

So we are in between seasons here in Tejas.  And my lawn and yard show it... things are beginning to fill in, the grass is returning to it's usual shade of green.  To help move things along I thought I'd make a little BLOOM garland for my home. :)


{stencil kit purchased at Office Depot}

{fabric cut into 1 in. strips}

{plus fine twine and scrapbook paper of your choosing}

All I did was place scrapbook paper behind each stencil and secure with double sided tape.

I threaded the fine twine through the letters (holes were made using a bamboo skewer).

And tied some ribbon on each end and in between the letters.

Simple, just the way I like it.  If you prefer something more frilly, then add some rosettes as well!


1 comment:

Chris said...

Simple and sweet. I love your vintage calendar inside the nook.