08 December 2010

Christmas decor

Only in blogland does December 7th feel too late to post a picture of your Christmas mantle.  Oh well.  I always did march to the beat of my own drum.  Are there any mantle parties still going on?

I played around with this for a couple hours.  Yup.  I usually keep candles in my sconces but I wanted to give it more height, so I stuck in a fresh branch, grapevine ball and silver snowflake ornament instead.

You've all noticed the mercury glass trend, I'm sure.  Loving that!  So I pulled together what I had... some little bird figurines, a gumdrop tree, a couple candle holders, silver magnolia leaves (did you know you can spray paint leaves???), and stars.   To top things off I tucked in several fresh tree trimmings, a paper chain made with kraft paper and scrapbook paper, and my Ballard Design knock off ornaments from last year.  The stars presented a bit of a challenge, but I think it works.  I really didn't have any other place for them in the house and I really REALLY love them.

I really love how this whole area turned out, actually.  I usually hang every ornament I've ever gotten.  Kind of a sentimental gesture.  Plus I really do love all my ornaments.  But this year I really wanted to do more of a theme.  And I love white (you wouldn't think it looking at my house, there is color EVRYWHERE!).  Since I have 4 messy kids, I just use it where I can for now.  So I went through the ornaments and used only white and neutral colors this year, and I kind of ran with the star theme.  Some of those big stars are usually used in my outdoor decor, but I love the bold statement they make on my trees.

I also added long trailing ribbons.  I've seen Martha Stewart do this and ribbon is huge at Pottery Barn this year.  Love how it looks... 2 of the trees have a goldish ribbon coming straight down the sides, and one has a brown with white polka dots wound around in a spiral.

It all blends in so much more nicely with the rest of my decor this year.  Plus I'ms till on an organic high from Thanksgiving.  Although I have reds and greens already in this room, I didn't want my trees to look gaudy.  I wanted elegant and natural at the same time.  And unlike years past, I didn't have to undecorate any other parts of the room to keep things from looking too cluttered with the addition of 3 Christmas trees.

What's your style going to be this year?


Lara said...

So pretty! I love all the white and silver. And don't worry, I haven't posted mine yet, either. I'm hoping to get it up maybe today, but we'll see how it goes.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

It's beautiful. Really, really beautiful. And it's never too late to share that.

Chris said...

Lovely, Lei. I keep to traditional colors, out of sentimentality and because I can't afford all new decorations....I figure red and green will never go away.

Allison said...

It looks beautiful!
Would love for you to link up to my Holiday Open House party.

Swimmingmom said...

Looks really nice. How fun to try out something new! I kinda stick to deep red and gold- goes well with my furniture and I hang all of my ornaments out of sentimentality too. I love that I remember who each one is from. However, I've always wanted to do a silver and gold star them. One day....

Amy Kinser said...

Everything is so pretty.

Share, girl, share.

Shaunna said...

It looks so beautiful!! I really love all the white and silver....I'm a fanatic of that this year! Thanks so much for linking to the Christmas SFS! -shaunna :)