02 December 2010

Well it feels like December alright.  The one month of the year that is fun, crazy, exhausting and refreshing all at once.  I finished all my Christmas shopping, give or take a few small items.  That feels good.  But I still feel like every day is a mad dash.  To where who knows... I've got a daily goal of what I'd like to accomplish and don't get there most days.  *insert crazy laughter*

While the giveaway is going on (GO ENTER!!!) I've been editing photos like a mad woman.  For florists the most busy time of year is Valentine's Day, for photographers it's Christmas.  Wanna see what I've been shooting?  Here are just a few of my recent favorites:

Course, I need family pictures to put in my own Christmas cards, too!  So I hired the lovely Miss Kristen Duke.  Here's a few fun moments she captured:

I've got 6 more families to shoot in the next 2 weeks.  So I'm officially swamped.  Which is a good thing, I love my work!  But I also have so many fun things to make and share with you all.  It's going to be come and go around here for the next little while. :) But  I put some fun music on here for you all to enjoy in my rather sporadic (dis)appearances, so enjoy!


LuckyStarErin said...

Your work is gorgeous! I wish you lived near me to take some of my kids. Your family is so darn cute. I love your outfit choices, too.

:) Erin

Alyssa said...

Lei, your work is wonderful! I think we'll be having a family portrait done this summer. If I lived near you, I'd seek you out for sure.

One Fish said...

I love the picture of your four kids. That's one to frame for sure!

Becky said...

I absolutely love the photos of you and your family. So, so beautiful, Lei!

Chris said...

So many fun photos! You do beautiful work with your camera, Lei.