05 April 2010

You've come a long way, baby!

I know I got my creative instincts from my mother.  She could do just about anything and would try just about anything.  Always the room mom, the creator of the best parties, the seamstress of many a fabulous Halloween costume, the endless crafter.  Because I grew up watching her make things with her hands, I have seen the most popular (and horrid) crafting trends of the past.  Puffy painted tshirts. Rhinestone studded keds.  And our home went through many a decorating craze.  Coca-Cola memorabilia.  Oh yeah.  Remember that?  Watermelons.... watermelon napkin holders, watermelon towels, watermelon doorstops.   Cherubs... in the bathroom, in the living room, on the window sills.  Was there some secret rule of the crafters that your home had to literally be erupting with the latest thing?  Seriously, this is why I hate the word "craft".  I cannot help but think of the tacky things my eyes have seen over the years, in the name of "crafting". 

So when I came across this the other day while persuing through my mother's old recipes, I had a real good laugh and moment of nostalgia:

Can't you tell she thought this was the most amazingly unique idea ever when she jotted it down?  Amazing enough to make a cute little squiggley mark underneath it.  And to add an exclamation point on to the end! 

Yeah.  Good times.  I'm sure the joke will be on me in 25 years when my daughters find my stash of scrapbook paper.


One Fish said...

I totally remember the coke and watermelons!

Lara said...

I never did understand the carrots in Jell-O thing, although someone must have liked it for there to be so many people to do it!

I love how excited she was about the recipe...you can totally tell.

Yvonne said...

Oh, yes, we have come a long way.

Love that you have that note--so sweet.

Scribbit said...

I had no idea that's the origin of that recipe :)

Who knew your family was so creative?

P.S. LOVE the new look. That's what I get for reading you in my feeds. I need to get out and comment more often to keep up with the times.

Adela c/s said...

Oh Lei... that is so sweet to see. thanks for sharing, girlfriend. Hugs!

C.R.A.F.T. said...

Wow! Watermelon and cherub everything...I'm glad that one is over :) Wanted to let you know that I gave you the sunshine award! Thanks for making the world a cuter place! Check it out here: