23 April 2010

Master Bedroom revamp - one new piece and another way to use an old piece

I'd said that we got one new piece of furniture for the room.  I loved it the minute I saw it:

This chest is from the Edland line at IKEA.  It is dark gray and connects my pine chest/bureau to my black bed frame beautifully.  

(Here's a photo of the pine bureau)

Here is what the chest from IKEA looks like in the room - sorry, this is the best angle I could get because it is alongside our bed:

No need the remind me that I've got a hot mess of chords on display. :)

So the items we purged from the room? The chest at the foot of the bed:

And the black armoire, which held a tv at one point.  Then my husband upgraded to a wall mountable flat screen and we kept the armoire for storage.  In the end I decided it was both too bulky and too squatty (is that a word?) for the room:

Another fun change was to replace my old nightstand (you can see it 2 pictures above) with this fun find from Goodwill:

Just a big pail turned over.  Fills the slim space under that window nicely.  Learned this trick a while back when a horse trough became my quirky, always-a-good-topic-for-a-stale-conversation,  coffee table.  True story.  In fact it currently is a quirky, always-good-topic-for-a-stale-conversation coffee table on my back porch:

But I digress.

The room is just about complete now.  I kept the one wall the same as it was (the wall in the photo above  with the pine bureau in it).  Now I really want a long, skinny bench to go below the fabric mural I posted on Monday.  Any idea where I can find one on the cheap?  Or the best way to make one?

Now because I don't ever get rid of anything that can still be put to good use, all these disposed of pieces have a new home.  The chest that was at the foot of our bed is now here:

Love how it looks.

The file cabinet is now in my design room:

And the black armoire is now in my brother's house!  And is being well cared for there. :)

I think they all look better in their new spots, don't you?  

Eh, so much for not digressing.


Yvonne said...

You have such style.

I want to buy a new couch for my living room and I'm such a chicken. I just don't know what to get.

Patience said...

my favorite build-it-yourself site is: http://www.knock-offwood.com This girl has great, simple, FREE plans, and great style! She has some awesome benches...my favorite being the hinged lidded one.

PS I found your blog from Shelah's. She's my sister-in-law :)

C.R.A.F.T. said...

i love your red outdoor chairs :) and the quirky table!