30 April 2010

denim cuff bracelet

I made this in light of the Lucky Star Search Jean Crafts Contest going on at Lucky Star Lane.  The rule was to recycle a pair of jeans into something else in honor of Earth Day.

Here are my materials:
old pair of jeans
old jewelry cuff
pearl bead
hot glue gun
Fray Check

And here is what I did.  I used the waistband of my hubby's old jeans... made sure I kept the original button and a belt loop intact!  I covered an old jewelry cuff with the portion of the waistband, using hot glue.  On the inside of the bracelet, I did the same.  Covered it with ribbon.  In fact, I used 2 ribbons and overlapped them, just for fun.  One of the ribbons has a ruffly edge that peeks out from under the cuff.

Then I went to town with the embellishments.  I cut down some wide ribbon and hand stitched a ruffle to go around the button.  Fray Checked the edges.  I hot glued a pearl bead to the center of the button.  And I added a small scrap of lace to the belt loop.  Super easy, super fun!  It has a sort of shabby cowgirl feel to it, huh?  Yep - definitely wearing this with my cowboy boots!  Yeehaw!


Chris said...

Love it, Lei. It looks great!

brown paper packages said...

It's darling, Lei!

Bracelet jewelry said...

Look of denim bracelet is cool