27 January 2010

Valentine's Ideas #2

Photographer or not, anyone can take these cool shots and frame them for Valentine's Day.  (And it escapes me now where I got the idea from to photograph my child doing sign language.  It's out there somewhere!  Thank you to whomever you are!)

You can also frame your cool photograph in style using these ideas.

If you have a boring lackluster frame, consider adding ribbon or lace or even a scallop edge using simple kraft paper to spruce it up.

Another idea is to mod podge something with a pattern over an old frame.  Here I used my own printer to create this word collage of "i love you"s.  Courier New font worked well for my taste.


If anyone is interested, I've decided to sell these images for $20 each.  Contact me for more info at photosbylei@yahoo.com.  

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Kelly said...

Super terrific idea! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Good Buy Consignment said...

Must recreate these photos - ASAP! Thanks.

sweetpea said...

Love this idea! This would be so fun for grandparents...I know my parents would love getting these!

Swimmingmom said...

LOVE that one with the sign. Made me teary. So sweet. Great ideas that are actually doable!

Tannie said...

I love that idea!!!

Christy said...

I looooove this idea!! ITA w/ Kierste! Great gift for the grandparents!