09 January 2010

Like father like daugher? Er, mother like son?

A simple game of Go Fish (the Finding Nemo version) demonstrates how my kids have taken after the opposite gender parent.  Andrew (my husband) is the competitive one while I am more of the "make love, not war" variety.  Funny, my dad was the some way.  In fact he used to say to us as we sat down to a game of Checkers, "This is war."  I'll give Andrew some credit, he's not that bad.

So Adriana, my 10 year old, and Jonah, my 7 year old, tried to teach their younger siblings how to play this game last night.  Adriana passed out the cards and explained the goal of trying to make a match.  And they began to play.  Jonah went first. He asked Adriana for a Dory.  She barely got out that she didn't have one when Drew (5) piped in with "I have one Jonah, I do!"  He was all smiles.  Such a lover, that one.  Adriana in her usual superior 10-going-on-16 fashion shouted "No, that's not how you do it.  You can't HELP him."  (Heaven forbid.)  So they started over.  Jonah went again and asked Adriana for a Nemo.  Drew didn't even wait for her to answer and began shoving his 3 Nemos into Jonah's hands.  I looked at Adriana and it seemed like the little vein in her forehead was close to bursting.  Lol.  And the game ended there. 

With a rebel yell from the 10 year old.


utmommy said...

That is too funny!

Amber said...

Good gracious. She and my daughter can NEVER meet!

Gina said...

Great story! Love the learning process of games with little ones.