13 October 2009

family value wall

I've seen several versions of this idea, all of which I have loved. It's taken me a while to come up with my own rendition, one that I felt was beautiful and artistic and meaningful to our family. So we discussed what things we wanted the "Rogers Family" to be known or recognized for. As the kids tossed out their ideas we found some scriptures to support them and made a list.

Here's how the wall turned out:


It's in my stairwell where the kids see it each morning as they descend, close to THIS picture display of their ancestors, which I also feel is important for them to see regularly. (I couldn't get a better picture of the wall in context because of the way our stairs wind, it's quite large - about 3x5 ft.)

They comment on it from time to time, to tell me of ways in which they've represented our family well. I'm so happy they see the importance in having values and in standing for something.


Char said...

Love it!

The frames on my value wall are still empty. ***insert embarassed face here***

Allysha said...

That is really cool.

bluestocking mama said...

great job, leilani! i started this but still haven't gotten to it either

Yvonne said...

What a wonderful idea.

Lara said...

Absolutely LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing.

brown paper packages said...

I really like the way you did this Lei. I have been working on mine forever, but it hasn't clicked yet.

Can you share a pic of what it looks further back, with everything around it? I'm trying to figure out if I could do this on our stairwell too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

When we own a house, this is something I definitely want to do!