06 October 2009

Thoughts on General Conference

I loved Conference, as always. The talk that has stood out in my mind is Elder Eyring's talk on family. He talked about the importance of love - husband for wife, child for sibling, child for parent. He didn't say "The perfect family has no challenges. The perfect family has perfect children in it and perfect parents." He indicates that the perfect family (or one striving for perfection) is one that is built on love. I don't know why that struck such a chord with me, I guess I have been feeling discouraged by my willful children lately, and ashamed of my heated reactions to them. But the Lord knows how I love those children. Aside from my husband they are my life. I would give anything, do anything - for them, for my husband, for my family. It is comforting to know that even with all that love there are going to be challenges, and that's okay. So long as we continue to show our love for one another.

Just the reassurance I need right about now.


Lara said...

I had similar thoughts and questions going into General Conference. Mostly about my ability (or inability!) to be a good parent. So many of the talks focused on family and parenting that I felt so much better about myself, and at the same time, was completely inspired to do better.

Yvonne said...

Conference was wonderful. It's so great that we get that lift every 6 months--and we can use the 6 months in-between to study and apply those talks ; )

Sometimes it's easy for me to get discouraged when I listen to the talks because I realize how much better I need to do at so many things, but then I realize that's what this life is all about--just seeking to do better one day at a time.

Shell said...

beautifully said!

Amber said...

We have yet to watch conference and this talk made me excited to do so. Hubby was out of town and then we got super sick. Can't wait to cuddle up and listen to these inspiring talks!

sweetpea said...

I agree--that was a wonderful talk, and one needed by myself as well.
I'm just grateful that we can re-watch, and then read it--I miss way too much trying to entertain 5 little kiddos!